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Area Shadows looking ugly on close geometry (Cinema 4D)

20 April 2012 - 10:13 PM

Hi Forum,

I wish there was a way to upload scenefiles or screenshots here - I was searching for about 30 min...so I have to explain my issue:

When using Area shadows in Cinema 4D they are looking really ugly (aliased?) on geometry that is close to intersect (like pages on a book). It seems this effect is dependent on the angle of the camera. I tried Increasing antialiasing,shadow samples and shadow accuracy neither didn´t help on the Area shadows.

By using Shadow maps it is looking better, but is far from perfect. Is there a workaround?

Here is a Picture and the scenfile:

http://dl.dropbox.co...Area Shadow.jpg

back of book - binding pages in Cinema 4D

16 March 2012 - 12:45 AM

Hi guys,

once again a very great client wants a very unique Book/pageflip animation - D`oh... :blink:
The issue pageflip is very well explained here on the boards.

But this time I have to build a rig/setup which allows the shear of the binding to follow the amount off flipped pages. I am not sure about the terminology here - with binding I mean the part of the pages connected directly to the back of book.

I work with CInema 4D - The solution would probably include rigging /expresso. Since that is not my best field I hope someone could give me some practical tips on the issue.