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Overbearing clients?

01 November 2016 - 11:11 PM

Hey Carey - I just rode that snapdragon.

It was really nice to have a look inside your brain. I also was digging your kind of interpretation on storytelling, symbols and certain meanings.

Your process and visual language made (most of the time ;) ) sense to me.


But what to do if you have a customer that lets you eat shit the whole time on a project?

Meaning he has no clue about design/animation, and is telling you to do it otherwise because he trusts you "but just want to see it" in a totally nonsense way, and although every fibre in your body screams "STOP NOW!" you give his stupid suggestions a try, it is ugly as hell and the customer goes "actually I love it like that, lets keep it and adapt it to the other 8 scenes".


If I go then to my producer/agency and tell them that this solution totally stinks and I will kill myself If I have it to do it like this, most of the time It goes like: "We understand you - but the costumer is right from his perspective . Maybe you could do a compromise and go 20% your design and 80% the customers Idea?" :unsure:  It always ends in a total visual mess.

Do you know this situations? How and how hard would you fight for at least to follow the basic rules of design and composition?  


Greetings from germany!