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Looking for freelance graphic designer for corporate gig

21 March 2012 - 06:13 AM


I know the site is mainly for mograph, but since I know there are so many talented people here I thought this was worth posting...

I’m in charge of all the creative work at an established software company, and I have more projects than I can handle. What I’m looking to do is put together a team (could be one person, could be a few) of hired guns that can help with projects.

The main focus to start will be corporate brochure design work, but the opportunity could grow to event signage/booth/flyers, banner ads, website work, newsletter, event invites, and more…

If you’re talented in any of these fields (especially brochures/flyers), send me your related work along with details about how you work, cost, and any other relevant info. The best fit will be someone that is smart enough to think on their feet and make designs custom based on the request. I’m not looking for someone to buy templates and drop in my text.

Thanks for the time. Feel free to ask any questions. Post here if interested or contact me through my profile (not sure if I can post an email address here).

Looking to start outsourcing soon, so don’t wait.

DVCPRO Import Dammit!

21 October 2011 - 05:33 AM

Hi All,

So many of you here have experience working with HD files, I'm hoping you can help.

I have HD footage shot on Panasonic DVCPRO tape. I have a sony hvr-m15u deck that I'm trying to use to get the footage into my computer.

Using some project settings I can get the record button to show, and the control buttons in PP will control the deck (I hear it moving and the counter does move), but the picture won't show up and when I hit record it says something to the effect of "no frames captured".

Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated. I have about 25 tapes, and the difference betwee me importing myself or paying to have it done will be costly... :-)

Thanks for the time,


Print materials from Photoshop instead of Illustrator

04 October 2011 - 07:53 PM

Hi all,

I know this isn't technically mograph, but over the many years I always find the best advice here - so...

I occasionally have to print signage, and usually "design in Photoshop> import graphics into Illustrator> replace text in Illustrator> save as PDF".

I just designed a 300dpi effects heavy image, and am wondering about the ability to save from Photoshop without having to mess with Illustrator. I've seen mention of "exporting in vector format" and it is 300dpi.

= Is my work-flow the most efficient way to do it?
= Can I essentially save/export a PDF from Photoshop that will keep the text vector?

Your advice and input is greatly appreciated.