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In Topic: AE CS6 bugs

09 April 2014 - 01:47 PM

They're in the wing menu at top-right of the timeline, the thin blue or green bars that show cached frames.

In Topic: The "One Concept" approach

08 April 2014 - 10:18 PM

This kid is obviously just trying to establish himself a web presence and figures he needs a manifesto to create a stir or something. Struck me as more naive than arrogant but there's clearly a dose of that too, and maybe he's only had stupid clients in the past.


The more useful subject of discussion: multiple options, is more interesting; but like others say, it depends on a number of factors.  I think its right to bend over for clients and their business in some ways, but yes sometimes you wonder about the merit of asking for three directions when the brief seems to suggest two (or four, for that matter). It's nice to think that the design process is a communication and learning process.  We hope that the purpose of the process is for the designer and the client to both improve their understanding of the audience so that we can eliminate as much of the subjectivity as possible and achieve the 'best' solution given all parameters.


But with motion design in particular, clients often expect us to be those 'technicians' instead of 'professionals', and so the opportunities for communication and increasing understanding can be more limited.  We suffer from historical association with 'post-production' or whatever, but it's also because motion design so often allows itself to be defined by the techincal, motion part.  It's tempting to get pissed off and say that we're just as capable or valuable as the top-level branding guys.  But actually, the few of us that are that good, are already viewed as top-level because they aren't defined by motion.


Client is such a loosely defined word though, so many different types of client…

In Topic: AE CS6 bugs

07 April 2014 - 10:27 PM

Try purging then clearing the caches. You might try turning off timeline cache indicators if you havent already, that helps some things.  As Aaron said, CS6 has a bunch of bugs related to the Global Performance Cache that Adobe want you to upgrade to CC in order to avoid.  CS5.5 was more reliable in terms of image cache.

In Topic: what's coming in the next major update to After Effects

02 April 2014 - 10:56 PM

What is this 'the thing we've talking about that acted like a Precomp effect so you didn't have to precomp simple layers' ?


Is that so you could use a layer with fractal noise applied as a displacement map (for example) without having to precompose the layer with the noise?  Sometimes all the pre-composing you have to do is a PITA.


Will the improved expression evaluation thing make a noticeable difference to a comp heavy with expressions that are not time related? Or is it only really for valueAtTime() type stuff?


If you could get text templates to work in Avid, some of my clients would be very happy. Although arguably my invoices would shrink.

In Topic: Keeping up with Typography

02 April 2014 - 10:48 PM

"more image-driven", this hurt my eyes! Type is image too!

What I meant is that my creative brain leans more towards representation of forms and objects that exist in the material world, and less toward abstraction, geometry and symbolism.  Typography is probably THE most important component of 'graphic design', and probably imagery is the next most important - I was explicitly separating the two.  If you are saying that the type is part of the image, you've misunderstood what I meant by image.