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Funny, I am in such a similar situation that I wonder if we are working on the same pitch.   :P 


We are trying to find an occulus-rift type device, or perhaps precisely an occulus rift, that can be rigged onto a shoulder mount camera. The thinking is that the camera would feed into a live keyer, which would be comped over a video game engine environment. This part is completely in theory right now and I haven't explored that world yet. 


My thinking thus far has been to feed it into the Unity game engine, which C4D apparently supports now. So... now I am doing tests to see whats possible in terms of set design when outputting to the Unity game engine. After learning Unity a bit and seeing what type of end-quality we are dealing with, I will move onto how to get the camera motion into the video game world.


ni-mate looks cool, but it seems to only capture and record character movements. We are more trying to place live action people into a 3d world through a live feed. Bookmarked, though.

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Can you share who "we" is? Who did this?

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Yesterday, 12:44 AM


I've also been trying to find a good i7 mobo that will handle the 4 GPUs and still have PCI-e slots to spare. Most seem to have only have 4, or the others that do have more get buried below the GPUs when they are installed. I really just need one more for a RAID related card.


The ASUS Rampage IV Black, ASRock Extreme11, ASUS P9x79 WS, and Supermicro 7047GR-TRF seem to be the best boards so far. They each have their pros and cons.


I have the Rampage IVs in our primary workstations. Regarding your need for a RAID card: there is on-board RAID support. So if you are connecting drives via SATA to the board, you can raid them without an extra card.




I have been spec'ing an i7 option as well, but I'm concerned that it may not have enough CPU power for AE rendering. 


AE does a pretty horrible job at utilizing multiple cores anyway. More cores would help a bit, but not nearly as much as you probably think. 




Product Subtotal:                                      $12,171.50


Insanity. Build it yourself. Its not hard.





I don't know what you have lined up that needs all this GPU horsepower, but it better pay for the investment fast. I have titans and all, but damn... What you are describing is far out. 16 titans!!??!!?? You realize premium hardware like this is on a 6-12 month cycle, right? Just sayin.. This ~$50k investment you are about to make will feel old in 2 years.


Have you looked into using Amazon GPU instances to do this farm stuff? You could save tens of thousands without carrying any concern of holding aging hardware.


Seriously.... get some really smokin workstations for about 3-6k each if you want all bells and whistles, and keep a totally separate cluster of machines (I recommend the cloud solution), for your rendering. Costs are kept down, your rendering hardware is kept up to date, and rendering never ties up your workstations. Plus, since you would have to use Deadline to manage your amazon renders, that means you would then also have the ability to do multi-machine AE renders via command line in the background across local workstations. 

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18 July 2014 - 05:49 PM



Is the consensus that DnxHD is just as good as prores?


Yep. Its our primary format. We use it like most fcp people use ProRes. 


The handling of alpha is a little weird. Inverted from anything else. So.. If you have problems with the alpha try inverting it. Also, you have to make sure you are using the correct codec. There is a different codec for each spec and bit depth. 125, 175, 225, etc

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18 July 2014 - 05:45 PM

Your name was misspelled in the motionographer article. "Kerry"