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In Topic: Grammed (mograph mockery of Instagram)

Today, 04:47 AM


In Topic: awards - looking to submit a piece

Yesterday, 05:00 PM

Usually awards are industry specific. For a personal project, you may be looking more toward the indie film festival circuit.

What type of piece is it? Post it on vimeo. Staff picks, etc carry a fair amount of weight these days.

In Topic: Is there a site with studio reviews?

Yesterday, 02:23 PM

What is the concern, J? Are you just trying to not work with dicks? Try it out, say your booked elsewhere if you dont like it.

I dont think such a platform would be good for anybody. It would just be a petri dish of slander.

In Topic: 4K 3D Cinema Black Box

Yesterday, 02:18 PM

Vozz, watch the video. Its pre rendered CG.

I just dont think it will work. Every shot is unique. Angles, environment, etc. Comping stock next to never works.

If you were selling baked 3d animations..... maybe. But even then youd need a shit ton of vehicles because anyone using one of your products would be completely hosed if asked to change the vehicle type..

It feels to me like youre trying to sell pre-rendered VCP tuts.

In Topic: Lytro Camera

Yesterday, 12:52 AM

An update to the lytro. Its sorta-kinda a real camera now.