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In Topic: Goodbye Mac Pro, Hello Octane PC

Yesterday, 07:12 PM

Looks like a new 12gb Titan just came out, curious how much of a boost they'll give.




It seems to be double every spec of the Titan (original) I have. I think this is one of those cases where they just sandwich 2 of the current gen chipsets together and give it a new number. 

In Topic: Goodbye Mac Pro, Hello Octane PC

Yesterday, 05:05 PM

The 680 and 760s are still good cards. I'd just double up on them if I were you.


I upgraded from a 680 to a Titan, and only saw a 12% speed increase in TFD GPU sims. The increase in vram was worth it for me at the time, because there were no other 6gb offerings.

In Topic: Goodbye Mac Pro, Hello Octane PC

21 October 2014 - 06:24 PM

Thanks for the update. Sounds like an awesomely ridiculous setup. 


Please post some octane results, if you can. My biggest fear with octane is versatility - ie: not being able to update something in a particular fashion that the client requested, requiring us to render things in a different way, blowing deadlines and budget out of the water. 

In Topic: Cross platform RAID 0

20 October 2014 - 08:56 PM

You have a few options.


NTFS-3G is a free thing for OS X that allows you to read / write to an NTFS filesystem.  Conversely, MacDrive is an application for Windows that provides read / write access to HFS filesystems.


ExFAT is natively compatible to both, but you may run into journaling issues - which isn't really an 'issue'. It just means you may not be able to use file searches using quicklook or the windows OS search. It may work, but maybe not. 


Ex4 is much faster than either, though. But since its more of a linux FS, I wouldn't use it outside of a linux NAS. I don't have any technical reasoning to back that up, though. Its just how I'd go about it.


Personally, I'd probably go with an HFS+ volume and use MacDrive on the Windows side. 

In Topic: Buying a new system

20 October 2014 - 03:33 PM

I really don't care to start a mac vs pc thing, but I just want to say you should give PC a good look. I think everyone who hasn't touched one in a long while would be extremely surprised after a month of use.


For PCs... There are some decent cases out there. You just have to shop around.


The ProRes workflow can be replaced verbatim with an Avid DNxHD workflow. There are encoding solutions to get proRes to macheads if needed.