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  2. Hi folks, Here’s my new music video featuring particle FX (and an whole city) created in AE with Superluminal Stardust. https://vimeo.com/373383159 If anyone feels like discussing particles, please don't hesitate. :-) JM
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  4. Check out my personal injury law firm commercial: Utah Video Productions
  5. Check out this motion graphics commercial that shows a new intersection in Utah: Utah Video Productions
  6. Probably me lol https://www.instagram.com/philipp.pavlov/ And a few other out of memory: https://www.instagram.com/ashthorp/ https://www.instagram.com/onursenturktv/ https://www.instagram.com/twistedpoly/ https://www.instagram.com/mariuszbecker/ https://www.instagram.com/ariweinkle/ https://www.instagram.com/vincentschwenk/ https://www.instagram.com/grif/ https://www.instagram.com/richnosworthy/ https://www.instagram.com/vitalygrossmann/ https://www.instagram.com/vladislav.solovjov/ https://www.instagram.com/alessiodevecchi/ https://www.instagram.com/david_mcleod/
  7. Hi, sharing a trailer for a rotoscoped animated film: More information, stills, bacground art: https://www.behance.net/gallery/84984669/Snow-Shelter
  8. Does anyone have any insight into how whoever did this spot created the elegant particle transitions between footage? Looking to pull of something similar but not certain on how to pull this off. This was originally done by Imaginary Forces after more investigation. Thanks.

    Lighting Artist

    Do you have a proven mastery in all aspects of lighting? Are you an experienced artist looking to take on your next role? Are you looking to work with the industry’s best and brightest? If so – let’s chat! Working as part of the Lighting Department, you will be working both in a team environment and independently to complete high quality work. While maintaining best practices and delivery expectations, you will spend your days: demonstrating proactive involvement for continual improvements in skills and workflow effectively economizing and managing renders while achieving required quality monitoring, controlling, prioritizing and delivering tasks demonstrating effective time management, organization and production skills You must have: 6+ years work experience in visual effects in feature film and television a strong balance between artistic and technical skill, with thorough understanding of VFX workflow proficiency with Renderman and Katana advanced understanding of physically plausible shading and rendering the ability to assemble temp comps of the lighting passes in Nuke In addition, the following requirements are considered nice-to-have as well: knowledge of Maya and other renderers. Look Dev & knowledge of shaders If this sounds like you, please submit your cover letter and resume to careers@spinvfx.com. Be sure to include “Lighting Artist” in the subject line.
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