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  3. Dennis Rosenau

    2019//001 - Rotation

    A little Motiongraphics Project I recently created for studies. You can find more of my stuff on my Social Media. Artstation https://www.artstation.com/drosenau Instagram @dennis.rosenau.3d
  4. Roach Su

    Motion Reel 2019

    Hello everyone! Here is my latest showreel! Please enjoy it! Thanks!!
  5. Ross Sneddon

    Music Video - Bare My Soul

    Hey guys, I've been following some of the threads on this forum and thought I'd decide to contribute. Here is a music video I made in my spare time, using Cinema 4D and After Effects. https://vimeo.com/277681369 Here's a breakdown on my Behance page: https://www.behance.net/gallery/67449521/Bare-My-Soul-Music-Video The band is called Empathy Test, who surprisingly decided to share it on their social channels! Hope you enjoy
  6. Basic

    Motion Graphics Principles

    Yeah there is so much good stuff out there. In terms of books this one is killer... https://www.amazon.com/Animators-Survival-Kit-Richard-Williams/dp/0571202284 Everything you learn in this is great for motion graphics as its all essentially animation. I have never read it as a book but just dive into it every now and then.
  7. erikjefferis

    Save Bristol Bay - Orvis

    Here's a project I worked on to support Orvis' efforts to save Bristol Bay, Alaska, from a threatening massive mining operation. The area is home to the largest sockeye salmon run in the world. Illustration was done by Nick Staab. Thanks for checking it out!
  8. I somehow just learned of this Essential Graphics feature in After Effects even though its been around for awhile now. Does anybody use this feature regularly? Any performance issues with it, or other little gotchas?
  9. About Us: Mousetrappe is on the cutting edge of multi-media production, working with top theme park and cultural experiences to produce state of the art content around the world for everything from theme parks to museums to live entertainment. We do this by amassing teams of creative, inspiring, hard-working, and focused people who believe in the power of storytelling to bring life and dimension to otherwise static experiences. Our culture is based on collaboration, creativity, performance and having a positive impact not only for our clients, but the people who experience our work first hand as theme park goers, museum aficionados, thrill seekers and more. Position Description: We are seeking strong CG Generalists with Motion Graphics Design experience. Selected candidates will help bring concepts into reality, offering creative solutions that are fast, efficient, and effective. Project tasks will include a heavy emphasis on motion graphics and compositing, but will have 3D elements woven throughout. Ideal candidates will be able to own their own projects and comps from beginning to end. They will also need to be collaborative, working successfully as part of the broader team. This is a small boutique shop with limited technical support, therefore, it's critical for any artists working here to feel comfortable trouble-shooting minor technical issues as the need arises. A background and familiarity working in non-traditional media formats is useful. Position will run approximately from February through April 2019. Responsibilities: Create and manage digital assets Interpret concept art, storyboard and sketches to bring ideas into reality Comfortably move in and out of both 2D and 3D pipelines. Follow design guidelines with a strong attention to detail Organize, clean and maintain comp timelines Deliver polished designs under tight deadlines Requirements: Expertise in: After Effects, Cinema4D or Maya, X-Particles, Creative Cloud Preferred Experience in: Shotgun, Redshift Render, NIM, Octane 5-7 years experience MINIMUM Experience working in non-traditional formats a plus! Must be local to Los Angeles, no remote or relocation possible Submit the Following for Consideration: Link to Sample of Work and/or Portfolio Current Resume Desired Freelance Rate Interested Candidates Apply Here: https://mousetrappe.applytojob.com/apply/5T00yCKNa5/Senior-Motion-Graphics-AnimatorC4D-Generalist?source=mographnet No agencies and no calls please. Do not send duplicate applications, samples or emails through our website. Due to a typical large volume of responses, only candidates under consideration will receive reply. To all others we appreciate your interest and thank you in advance.
  10. Revio1000

    Instagram a world of beauty

    Hi everybody or anybody, I am new to this site and don't really know the "rules of engagement" but what I do know that I am crazy about animation and moving shapes in After Effects. So when I finally got some time on my hands I have decided to create a short animation ( 1 min) long. And now I present my creation to you guys. So I wrote a short poem about my Instagram addiction and after hard work of watching tutorials, animating, translating it to English. I finally finished and ready to present it to "Motion gods" or "motion servants" so tell me what you think. Here is a link to YouTube video Instagram a world of beauty
  11. levante

    Building a reel, start to finish

    Wow - five years later, 2018 is almost over and i still didn't build a new reel. Too much work and reels are so 2013...
  12. Based in San Diego, CA, Psyonix is a critically-acclaimed independent video game developer and leading experts in Unreal Engine technology. For more than a decade, the studio has been a driving force behind some of the most successful games in the industry, including Gears of War, Mass Effect 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Bulletstorm, Unreal Tournament III, Unreal Tournament 2004, and the award-winning Sports-Action hit, Rocket League®. Check us out at https://psyonix.com/! Psyonix is seeking a Motion Graphics Designer to join our Creative Services team to work on Rocket League! This opportunity is ideal for a dual-skilled motion and graphic designer. You will work closely with an array of teams including video, audio, marketing, esports, and art to develop and build content for trailers, marketing videos, and other video related content to grow the Rocket League brand. You will be responsible for creating graphics based design assets along with fully fleshed out 2D and 3D animated content including videos, gifs and other promotional material. Our ideal candidate must be collaborative and self-driven. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: • Work closely with creative, marketing, audio, esports, art and production teams to create marketing content • Create motion graphics/animation and visual effects content for video projects and marketing materials • Design graphic assets such as logos, text treatments and other branding materials • Perform basic editorial work for the animated and graphic content • Help to advance visual style, themes and brand identity for Psyonix titles • Pitch animation, video and design concepts to relevant teams for approval • Maintain a continued organized archive of video, animation and graphic files Requirements: • 3+ years experience in the video game, entertainment and/or advertising industries • Expertise in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator • A strong video reel and design portfolio showcasing relevant work • Creative talent and technical skills as a motion graphics designer: -Capable of developing fully fleshed out 2D and animated content -Knowledgeable in post-production visual effects and compositing -Capable of designing and structuring graphics for trailers and other video or social media assets • Has a good eye for motion, design, composition, pacing, and flow • Has knowledge of cinematography, timing, and visual storytelling • Significant knowledge of animation, video and graphic design pipelines • Ability to take direction and incorporate feedback recommended by other teams • Balance quality and efficiency while working under tight deadlines • Knowledge of marketing and branding • Can navigate and organize workflows between various software while keeping files clean and manageable • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize tasks • Must be collaborative within a team environment Pluses: • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in media arts and animation, graphic design and/or a related field • Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal, and/or other 3D software • Often dreams of Rocket League and video games in general *Please note, this is an in-house position. To apply, please visit: https://psyonixhr.wufoo.com/forms/motion-graphics-designer/
  13. dreikelvin

    Robert Jung - Composer and Sound Designer Available

    Here are two more Youtube video's I worked on recently:
  14. XRumerTest

    Test, just a test

    Hello. And Bye.
  15. Flying_High

    Music Video: L'oiseau qui danse

    It seems you were not the only one feeling that way. And the Best In Show Award winner at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 is... https://sa2018.siggraph.org/en/attendees/computer-animation-festival/computer-animation-festival-award-winners
  16. AromaKat

    Greyscalegorilla R20 videos

    second link is broken
  17. A little animation I did for fun in my freetime. Comments and critique is always welcome:)
  18. richardrosenman

    Motion Graphics Designer in Toronto Area Wanted

    Hatch Studios is looking for a freelance motion graphics designer located in, or close to the GTA. Although the project(s) are to be done remotely, the designer must be available to come in occasionally for meetings and / or to touch base. Most importantly, the motion graphics designer should be very strong in 2D motion graphics character animation. A portfolio of work is required. If this fits your area of expertise, and you are located in the area, please send an email via the contact form on the website.
  19. Thanks. I tend to agree, but I'm trying really hard to simplify these concepts as much as possible and give them names, because people in my office don't always get those cultural references like "South Park style". So, I'm developing a bit of a reference guide so they can pick out a style that will work well for their project. I did hear someone call this mosaic-y trend a "Quilt" on an Adobe live stream, which really seems to fit well.
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