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  2. We're back!! Now what?

    Ugh this forum was set to not allow responses, now it is. Sorry folks!
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  4. Need to make multiple versions of a scene for an indecisive client? Need different variations of a shot for different channel idents? Takes to the rescue!
  5. Live visuals - process

    Hi there Liam, there's some great tips here! Yeah, I should just stick to AE and C4D, I still have a lot to explore just with those 2. And then use Resolume for the playback, because I will need to do the playback as well. Your workflow sounds pretty good also, for the time I have and the fact that it is so much content. I'm gonna see how I can focus more on some songs than others, to make things more manageable. Also, stock footage is definitely an option. I would like some of the content to be audio reactive, because usually that's what I prefer in live visuals - that's why I was thinking of TD. But I guess I can try some sound reactive stuff in C4D and also using SoundKeys in AE...
  6. Live visuals - process

    Hey, Are you just producing the content or will you be playing it back live too? TD is great but i’d stick to what you know, if you don’t have to playback content then avoid complicating things with TD. If you do there are simpler options for playback. Will it be audio reactive or pre rendered content. Depending on the style of music you should be able to break down each track and build some style frames from there. My workflow is break down the tracks, design a style, create a few loops per track, learn to mix them well to the music. Repeat for each track. Creating 60 mins of VJ content is a lot even for a proficient mograph artist. Keep it simple. Can you source any stock footage or does it need to be all custom? Cheers Liam
  7. Live visuals - process

    Hey guys, I have to create ~60 minutes of live visuals for a friend's live show (electronic music). I work with AE and C4D, but I've also heard about TouchDesigner, which could be more appropriate for audio reactive stuff.Have any of you ever done live visuals? What is usually your process? Loops in AE and then playing them live? I tend to work in narrative based projects, so I'm kind of overwhelmed with the amount of content I need to produce, while maintaining a general quality and identity.I started to explore TouchDesigner, but it is going to take me a long time to get proficient in that. I'm ready to do it, but wanted to get your feedback if it is really worth it in terms of quality of results and control. What about other tools that can help in generating fast iterative results, or audio reactive visuals (even if the learning curve is big)?I'm probably just getting lost in the tools part and should focus on what I want to create, but maybe some of you went through the same and can help me out!
  8. "Side Effects" - short film

    Looking great Chris! Nice on that hidden logo I just didn't see it at all. Love the idea too. I've always fancied doing something like this (not about social media but within the realm) but have not yet had a concrete enough idea. Congrats again!
  9. "Side Effects" - short film

    Thanks aeko - yup modelling the custom stuff did take a lot longer than I thought, although I should mention there's a load of stock stuff in there too - the floors/walls, the screens, background machinery. Basically - anything that looks fairly decent isn't mine ;-) In the old days the purist in my would have balked at this and I've have modeled everything up myself - but now I'm much less bothered about bringing in whatever is available, it's more about getting the thing finished and moving on. The same applies to the perfect paint/metal work. Sure I could have added some grime but it would have added a ton of work, working out grime maps, projections for all the moving parts, UVing, baking... Basically with this sort of personal project it's incredibly easy to lose focus, and the whole thing just slides away into the hard-drive abyss... so once I found a look I liked that was quick to set up and render, I could then post-rationialise it as an artistic decision (ie the sterility of the environment reflects the total inhumanity) and get on with it. Just don't tell anyone it was laziness ;-)
  10. It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    What up peeps.
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  12. Figured I'd post some of the new stuff up here! Mograph specific videos at the top, more generic (but still useful for mograph, promise!) videos at the bottom. Changing mograph materials: Beginner video on how to do 3D logos Using the take system to make multiple versions of a project for picky clients: And lastly how to set C4D up to work faster and be less annoying:
  13. Any character rig jedi's out there know how to trouble shoot mixamo movements that interpenetrate ? just trying to do a simple idle stand with a maybe a sword swing for test animation. 1) how would one set limitations or is it even possible when working with mixamo ? 2) what's the best way to create a rig with controllers on such a creature ? Character auto biped rig or something else ? 3) any tuts for such an effort greatly appreciated
  14. The colours in my video on Vimeo is blown out only in Chrome, but looks correct in both Safari and Firefox. I rendered as ProRes 4444 with a SRGB 2.1 as the colour profile and this is what was saved out in the output. Anyone know what Chrome would work better with? I haven't had this issue before and I haven't found the answer in my google searches.
  15. "Side Effects" - short film

    Beautiful work, Chris! Love the concept too. The modelling must have taken a while. Lot of complexity, wow. My only feedback is the textures look too perfect in my opinion. I know it's a clean factory, but a little noise never hurt anyone.
  16. Creative Generalist in Charlotte, NC Area

    Multimedia Specialist Apply Now Date: Apr 5, 2018 Location: Charlotte, NC, US, 28216 Req #: 29601 Link: https://corningjobs.corning.com/job/Charlotte-Multimedia-Specialist-NC-28216/469018300/ Corning is one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science. For more than 160 years, Corning has applied its unparalleled expertise in specialty glass, ceramics, and optical physics to develop products that have created new industries and transformed people’s lives. Corning succeeds through sustained investment in R&D, a unique combination of material and process innovation, and close collaboration with customers to solve tough technology challenges. Our Optical Communications segment has recently evolved from being a manufacturer of optical fiber and cable, hardware and equipment to being a comprehensive provider of industry-leading optical solutions across the broader communications industry.This segment is classified into two main product groupings – carrier network and enterprise network. The carrier network product group consists primarily of products and solutions for optical-based communications infrastructure for services such as video, data and voice communications. The enterprise network product group consists primarily of optical-based communication networks sold to businesses, governments and individuals for their own use. Purpose of Position: Join an award winning creative team, developing incredible videos, product photography, and realistic 3D imagery to support the marketing organization objectives. Job Duties & Responsibilities (Include but not limited to): Capture product photography in studio and the field. Create realistic 3D imagery. Post production for photography and video footage. Realistically composite 2D, 3D & live footage Light, shoot and edit video productions. Lead complex projects with minimal supervision. Collaborate as a team on complex projects Required Skills: Advanced experience in realistic 3D modeling and rendering Advanced knowledge of video and photography lighting and production techniques. Advanced experience with creating and manipulating imagery, video and audio in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and Audition. Advanced experience compositing and animating 2D & 3D elements. Knowledge of visual effects workflows and pipelines. Advanced experience with digital video and dslr cameras. Requires minimal direction with demonstrated project leadership ability Strong time management and multi-tasking skills Well-organized, collaborative and takes direction well Ability to interface well with customers, coworkers and management through excellent interpersonal skills. Preferred Skills: 3D modeling & animation in Maya. Photo realistic rendering in Vray or Keyshot. Advanced knowledge in studio photography. Education & Experience: Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent job experience 5-7 years’ experience We prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or veteran status or any other legally protected status. Nearest Major Market: Charlotte Apply Now
  17. It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    It's motionslack.com now
  18. It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    Ah, so you're all on Slack now? Is it motiongraphics.slack.com? http://hashtagmotiondesign.com seems to be down.
  19. It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    I'm sure Marc Z and gang have promoted it plenty on the slack, which I imagine is the most relevant place to do it. But... I guess many of us are too busy being on the slack. What I'm saying is we're too cool for you. (Not me though. I actually initiated a #mographdotnet channel on the slack, which is a ghost town but whatever.)
  20. Just wanted to drop this here for you guys to enjoy! (Not sure how you embed the video onto the post) https://vimeo.com/259677541 Thanks
  21. "Side Effects" - short film

    I love it. Great animation!
  22. C4D Live

    http://www.c4dlive.com/ Live streaming, right now - Cinema 4D Pros talking about their work, showing some behind the scenes/making of Live from the NAB show (http://www.c4dlive.com/)
  23. People to follow on Instagram

    If you know some motion graphics related Instagram accounts or have one yourself, please post them here =) One I like a lot is https://www.instagram.com/two_fresh_creative/
  24. People to follow on twitter

    Hello everybody. Who knows some good motion graphics related twitter accounts worth following? Here are some that I know and follow (in alphabetical order): Twitter: @2DFam_ @adamswaab @AddiktDM @Aixsponza @ArtoftheTitle @BrandNewSchool ‏ @buck_tv @dfmn @GSG3D ‏ @imaginaryforces @JoseM_Pena @jrcanest @MillChannel ‏ @motionographer ‏ @motions_work ‏ @psyop @RubennA_ @tomaszczajka @twistedpoly @weareMK12 ‏ and for laughs: @FreelanceWars ‏ And please feel free to promote your own personal account too.
  25. It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    We have to keep promoting the forum on social media! Unfortunately I don't have many followers, but I do what I can.
  26. It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    Is it too early to start whining about losing our post counts ten years ago? Seriously, though...I checked regularly to see if the site was back up. Imagine my elation when I discovered its resurrection. I hope all of you are doing well.
  27. It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    Firemind! Nice to see you again. I'm still a web developer, have changed the employer though. Hardly doing any design work at all, but that's okay. Still love watching motion graphics.
  28. Free PBR materials from cc0textures.com

    At http://www.cc0textures.com/home you can download free textures and materials. " Free PBR materials, no attribution required! " (PBR = Physically based rendering) Currently they have 97 materials. They're high res and the preview images look quite promising. Haven't tried them myself yet.
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