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  2. Best camera shake tool in AE?

    Anyone have any recommendations for a really good camera shake plugin or script in AE? I've used the Red Giant universe one, and of course have done the common wiggle(), but am still really unhappy with the results—it always feels inorganic. The best camera shakes I've found are for Premiere, and are footage based—it would be amazing to find shakes of this caliber as a similarly one-click solution for the AE camera.
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  4. Keyframe animation tutorial

    I can't think of a better place to post about an animation tutorial than on mograph.net so, here you go, a full 5 hours of keyframe animation. Suitable for complete newbies or professionals alike. Here's a quick segment from the full video: The full video is currently 20% off for a week if you use the code "backfromthedead"... like mograph.net https://www.3dfluff.com/video/animation/
  5. Creative Plateauing

    Yeah, its pretty easy to get pigeon holed. Especially when you are good at something. Because it becomes an easy way to make money. Since you already have the necessary skills. It's why its important to pick personal projects and really push yourself in new directions. And be your own art director. Make revisions, act a shitty client Sometimes you need feedback from others. This used to be a great forum for that. Maybe with the reviving of it, it can be again. Also a good idea to branch out and learn about something unrelated. I love watching crash course videos on youtube. anatomy, biology, chemistry, history. They have plenty of useful stuff to get your brain churning. In the last couple of years i seem to have drifted towards a more technical role, rigging, etc and now i want to go back a bit towards design and aesthetic development. So im trying to get personal projects finished with a strong focus on design. Shapes, form, composition etc.
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  7. Creative Plateauing

    Simply posting this looking for others to join me in being frustrated. Also, if you have suggestions for getting past this, I'm all freaking ears. Been doing video work for some time, and been doing creative work in the realm of design a little longer. I'm 29 and feel pretty well into my career. But the past 3-5 years have been so. incredibly. frustrating. I remember earlier being so excited to learn new things, try new skills out, see my work grow, etc. But it's been more like treading water. I've learned new things (Cinema 4D being chief among them) and made a living, but my work just sucks by every standard I have. My newest employer is all about professional development, so I'm well-supported now to make room and spend money on training. I'm planning to sign up for Explainer Camp with School of Motion, and besides that have been trying to make more time for learning. And other than that I just work really hard and get projects finished. I'm hoping a combination of all of this can help propel me forward. We'll see. Just sharing this to vent and wonder if anyone else has had this experience in their career. I feel like I look around and don't see anyone else hitting these kinds of walls.
  8. Job: Motion Designer in Tulsa, OK

    Steelehouse is a creative studio of storytellers and visual artists who blend the mediums of live action, motion design, animation and virtual reality to engage audiences and build brands. For years, we’ve produced content for companies such as Hasbro and Machinima. We’ve created stories for brands like Pac-Man, Lego, ECHO and Transformers. We are currently looking for a talented Motion Designer to join the team at our studio in Tulsa, OK on a full time basis. We offer competitive salaries and benefits such as paid vacation, unlimited PTO and sick days, 401k and health insurance. We also have a pretty good Christmas party and we're across the street from the best BBQ in Oklahoma … just sayin'. — Job Requirements • 3-4 years of working experience and/or a solid demo reel. • Proficient understanding of animation principles. • Proficient understanding of graphic design. • Extremely capable in Cinema 4D or Maya. You would marry one of these if you could. • Extremely comfortable in Adobe Creative Suite – After Effects/Premiere is our workflow. • Excellent attention to detail. • Good organization and communication skills. • Ability to work under tight deadlines. • Ability to work in a strong team environment. • Must enjoy donuts and other snacks that occasionally appear in the kitchen. Day-to-Day Tasks • Create compelling 2D/3D motion graphics content for our clients. • Develop various art directions and ideas for concept pitches. • Create broadcast length edits for various projects. • Communicate with producers, management, and other animators. Desirable Skills • Illustration is nice, but not required. • Knowledge of Octane is a plus (since that's what you'll use.) • Ability to take on a delegated task with a minimum of supervision. • Great editorial/storytelling capabilities. • Solid grasp of typography. Ideal traits Good Judgement. Common sense is your friend. You understand the production pipeline and you understand your role in it. Creativity and Curiosity. You’re always looking to grow your skillset, constantly seeking new techniques and new technologies. Passion and Inspiration. Motion Design is a big part of your life and how you communicate conceptually and visually. — College degrees aren't as important to us as a solid reel and an eagerness to work. We're always on the lookout for talent with hustle. If all this sounds like something you're into, we encourage you to apply with a cover letter and a link to your show reel to sferguson@steelehouse.com. No recruitment agencies, please.
  9. Stop motion / SEB

    Stop motion TV spots (3 x 10") for SEB Bank Animated using Dragonframe
  10. Alpha Channels C4D to After Effects

    Thanks so much chaps! Bon weekend!
  11. Alpha Channels C4D to After Effects

    this tutorial i think should answer most of your questions pretty well:
  12. Alpha Channels C4D to After Effects

    Multipass for different passes and object buffers for whatever you want to have its own alpha channel. Save compositing project file and import the .aec into AE. (make sure you have the plugin supplied by maxon. Then use track mattes with the object buffers to cut things out.
  13. Hello and good morning, afternoon or evening. I'm Steve, Im new here and hoping to find your acceptance, support and witty banter (maybe I'm just setting myself up for the latter..) I'm very new to making things move in 3D, but am pretty well versed in creating still visuals. Here's the challenge I'm up against: We've all been there.. You render something out, it looks a bit flat so you render alpha channels and with a bit of Photoshop wisdom - BAM, you've nailed it! What I'm seeking help with is how to do the exact same, but in After Effects.. For example - if we imagine an animation of a glossy bouncing ball that needs some retouching, how do I import the images and alpha channels into After Effects and apply one levels adjustment that effects just the bouncing ball? What's more, I understand After Effetcs and 3D are pretty compatible. Is there an entirely different way of getting animations into After Effects and retouching them to look much more realistic!? Thanks for stopping by and I eagerly await your support and banter! Steve
  14. Welcome!

    Yeah Carey!!!
  15. Hand

    looks awesome! i would add a bit of squish when it contacts the floor, otherwise superb!
  16. Ace5 character animation reel

    Working on a character animation reel, it's long overdue, and i feel like it can be better, but i guess here is a wip, feel free to dig into it and give feedback, which parts do you think are the weakest? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3vJRAkENcU
  17. Glad you like them!
  18. Bunch of C4d tutorials, short and to the point mostly

    These look really awesome, so thanks for sharing! I've been working mostly in Ae up until now, but planning on getting a somewhat basic understanding of C4D too, so that I have more freedom in my designs. Also while browsing through your tutorials on your site, I realised that your're the guy that made the video on how to make a character pick something up which is always popping up on youtube for recommended videos. Will definitely look into these videos, and keep up the good work!
  19. It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

  20. It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    wow, amazing and congratulation.
  21. 3DDuff 2018 reel

    Cool reel, i would maybe cut it down to 1min, but not sure what i would cut out. all the stuff in it looks great!
  22. Hey, thought i'd share my c4d tutorials here, since this place is back up. www.ace5studios.com/tutorials
  23. It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    well damn! did not know this is back :))) so many classics still here!
  24. Freelance motion reel 2018

    Hey, i agree, great work! I love the hud animations, the ones that are purple and blue, really cool stuff!
  25. Live visuals - process

    Stardust will save you so much time.
  26. Stop Motion Look in C4D

    I was wondering if any of you nice sirs know any way of achieving the stop motion ¨feel¨of animating on 2´s or 3´s. There is CV stopmotion from Cineversity but I don´t plan on paying a forced 12 month subscription. Any ideas other than animating at 6-12fps with hold keyframes?
  27. Motion Graphics Artists (Freelance)

    Hi, my rate is €680/day.
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