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  2. Hello mograph people! Finally, I finished my website and showreel. If you have any suggestions about what I can improve or change please let me know. https://piotrmirosz.com/showreel-2020 Best, Piotrek
  3. That was a nice journey! Watched a few times already and my favorite part is two worlds at the beginning Best, Piotrek https://piotrmirosz.com/
  4. Combining the powers of Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine I created this title sequence for Maxon. I'll be breaking it down on April 21st going over exactly what steps I took to create this. See my talk here https://www.c4dlive.com/jonathan-winbush
  5. Hey Guys, I have created a training resource for anyone new to After Effects. Check it out and I'd love to hear your thoughts. http://aftereffectsbeginner.com/ Thanks Liam
  6. Hi there! I am still available for commissioned work. Here are some more references of my work: Spring Flowtraders: KLIK! Amsterdam Leader:
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