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  2. Hope you enjoy, I welcome any comments :) https://vimeo.com/333934501 Tim
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  4. I prefer the CS Tools over the Camera Morph. Just works faster for me and has options that I prefer.
  5. Anyone else seen this... Missed the beta but very interested in seeing this in action. Its a good direction considering the way adobe is hammering the nails into its coffin. https://medium.com/cavalry-animation/introducing-cavalry-cfb95c37f8be Very interested if some of you have tried it and would love to hear your thoughts! Cheers Liam
  6. Bony, Beeffy, a 2 legged walker, Marvin the martian, get your Animation on! Download these free character rigs for c4d, and animate just like the big boys in Maya https://ace5studios.com/products/
  7. SO MAT LIB 001 Is a high quality, easy to use production proof material library for Coronarender for Cinema 4D. The library contains all the textures as well as the optimum quality settings in each material. Create unique 3D art and motion graphics with this carefully crafted material library. SALE SALE SALE Buy the library for 25$ until this Friday only!!! Buy and find out more at: http://strangerobjects.neosushi.net/?page_id=648
  8. Hey Mograph! I thought I'd drop by to fill you in on my new project. I've been a freelance motion designer for the past 9 years (https://www.motioncrafter.com/). I'm passionate about helping fellow motion designers with their freelance careers, so I launched a blog to do just that! Feel free to check it out here: https://www.motionandmoney.com/ If you have any article suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you, Steve Tenuto
  9. I would probably stick to using the built in Morph-Camera option. Basically the same thing.
  10. I was specifically looking for the MoCAM and Easy Cam, and those are in the Camera presets in the Broadcast presets, which I would probably never have found if you didn't help me out! These are such amazing tools for getting quick camera animation done, I'm surprised Maxon doesn't show them off. They are life savers at times. Thanks for the heads up on the location!
  11. I believe they're now included in C4D--in R19 they're in Presets/Broadcast/presets/Light Setups
  12. Hey guys! I just started creating tutorials and hope to continue to share cool techniques in Software like After Effects and Cinema 4D. Check out my latest tutorial here: I only hope to get better with quality with each tutorial I create! If you have any feedback, would love to hear it! Thanks!
  13. About Us: Mousetrappe is on the cutting edge of multi-media production, working with top theme park and cultural experiences to produce state of the art content around the world for everything from theme parks to museums to live entertainment. We do this by amassing teams of creative, inspiring, hard-working, and focused people who believe in the power of storytelling to bring life and dimension to otherwise static experiences. Our culture is based on collaboration, creativity, performance and having a positive impact not only for our clients, but the people who experience our work first hand as theme park goers, museum aficionados, thrill seekers and more. Position Description: We are seeking strong CG Generalists with Motion Graphics Design experience. Selected candidates will help bring concepts into reality, offering creative solutions that are fast, efficient, and effective. Project tasks will include a heavy emphasis on motion graphics and compositing, but will have 3D elements woven throughout. Ideal candidates will be able to own their own projects and comps from beginning to end. They will also need to be collaborative, working successfully as part of the broader team. This is a small boutique shop with limited technical support, therefore, it's critical for any artists working here to feel comfortable trouble-shooting minor technical issues as the need arises. A background and familiarity working in non-traditional media formats is useful. Position will run approximately from May to mid-July 2019. Responsibilities: Create and manage digital assets Interpret concept art, storyboard and sketches to bring ideas into reality Comfortably move in and out of both 2D and 3D pipelines. Follow design guidelines with a strong attention to detail Organize, clean and maintain comp timelines Deliver polished designs under tight deadlines Requirements: Expertise in: After Effects, Cinema4D or Maya, X-Particles, Creative Cloud Preferred Experience in: Shotgun, Redshift Render, NIM, Octane 5-7 years experience MINIMUM Experience working in non-traditional formats a plus! Must be local to Los Angeles, no remote or relocation possible Submit the Following for Consideration: Link to Sample of Work and/or Portfolio Current Resume Desired Freelance Rate No agencies and no calls please. Do not send duplicate applications, samples or emails through our website. Interested Candidates Apply Here: https://mousetrappe.applytojob.com/apply/yQn4RXNX2h/Senior-Motion-Graphics-Animator3D-Generalist?source=Mograph Due to a typical large volume of responses, only candidates under consideration will receive reply. To all others we appreciate your interest and thank you in advance.
  14. So, I think there's a bit of a math error in Particular (even in Particular 3). Even when all the clips in your main clip are exactly the same length and the exact same framerate, I've discovered that there are still blips. Turns out that if you have a clips that are 5 seconds long, for example, to produce clean cuts for each clip in a group of particles, there needs to be some lead time after your video is over. One frame per clip, to be precise. I had to deal with a video file comprised of 74 5-second clips and have no blips in any of them after I did this: Create a composition that's the length of all the clips together. Make all the clips short by one frame (0:00;00 to 0;04;29, so the next one starts at 0;05;00). Arrange the of the clips (using the Sequence Layers in AE, for example) so that they follow one after the other. Then, add to the composition in frames the number of clips you have to the END of the video. You can make it black video, blank, some other randomness, doesn't matter. So, for 74 150-frame clips (five-second clips in 30fps) video, I created a composition that was 11100 frames long (06;10;10) Made each clip 149 frames long, Arranged the clips sequentially, Then added 74 frames of nothing to the end (making the comp 11174 frames, or 06;12;14) The garbage frames at the end aren't shown, and all the clips should run normally. I'm posting this for others who may have issues with this (including me in the future). I'm sure the OP probably figured it out by now (it has been almost 10 years).
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