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  2. This officially took too long, but it's done now: https://ace5studios.com/mia Rigged stylized character for Cinema 4D Let me know if there is any weirdness with the page. my brain is dead from putting this all together..
  3. Hello mograph people! Finally, I finished my website and showreel. If you have any suggestions about what I can improve or change please let me know. https://piotrmirosz.com/showreel-2020 Best, Piotrek
  4. That was a nice journey! Watched a few times already and my favorite part is two worlds at the beginning Best, Piotrek https://piotrmirosz.com/
  5. Combining the powers of Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine I created this title sequence for Maxon. I'll be breaking it down on April 21st going over exactly what steps I took to create this. See my talk here https://www.c4dlive.com/jonathan-winbush
  6. Hey Guys, I have created a training resource for anyone new to After Effects. Check it out and I'd love to hear your thoughts. http://aftereffectsbeginner.com/ Thanks Liam
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