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  3. Can you specific the issue you facing ?
  4. im kinda confused about this, please teach mee... im bagging
  5. Hello, Here is a little film I did using c4d and octane. I used my time during lockdowns to learn a bit of 3D, I barely knew it before starting. If you like it, please feel free to share it wherever you want to.
  6. saw some questions Dave posted on Slack that he pulled from twitter, thought i'd share my opinions. No ownership - as long as enough people agree that you own something, and can check using the blockchain who owns it, it's good enough for the participants. No product - The people buying think it's a product. Many people might say 3d animation is not a product that should be paid for. or models on turbosquid, AE templates etc.. , because they are not real and serve no purpose to a coal miner.. But they serve a purpose to others. Similar to Branded clothing. I don't care if the jacket says Gucci on it, but some people REALLY care, and pay more for it. And they have friends and people in their social circles who value this purchase. Similar thing with Stamps or basketball cards, to me they are just pieces of paper. but there is a group of people who value them very highly. Same with NFT's if you don't value them or understand them, that doesn't mean there is no product. There are people who to see it as a product.Imaginary value - see above. If even one person values it, that's value. Think of a romantic relationship between two people, they might have a mix tape, or a rock they found which means the world to them. But to everyone else it's value is zero. Same with NFT's it's a something that has value to people who understand it. Free store, pay for receipts - again see aboveIt's hurting people - i think it may be hurting people, in that they see everyone else selling, and yet they themselves are not, and get depressed because they think their work is crap. Since now there is a very public $$$ amount tied to every piece of work. Makes it harder for artist to earn a living - eh.. yeah.. dumb.. this is a new way to earn money. a new market, a new process. a new paradigm. More emissions no matter how "clean" platform is - see trust issue in post above. just because someone doesn't understand the value the NFT creates, doesn't mean it's not there. The product you believe you are paying for I think everyone is free to pay for anything they want.. Again, just because not everyone understands the value or the product doesn't mean it's worthless..
  7. pros: 1. Really excited for the platform that gives artists the opportunity to make money with their own personal art. Without too much friction. VS dealing with galleries, print shops etc.. 2. collectability and tradeability of the art pieces. Everything that's minted can be treated as collectible sports cards. That's very cool in my opinion. And you can double check who actually created the token. cons: 1. It does use a lot of energy. But it's creating trust. Not sure how much that's meant to cost, since it's the first time we as humans have managed to create trust from electricity.. Instead of the military industrial complex.. 2. lots of piracy and copyright infringment. 3. Often lots of negative emotions because everyone can see who is making lots of money, and feel shitty about it, because no one is buying your work. Feel free to add common arguments/discussions, so people can be pointed to this thread, instead of the cyclical discussions that are constantly had.. :)
  8. Shameless self-plug. I wanted to share my fan made main titles project for the tv series LOST, which I spent working on / off, for the last several years. And really brought it to fruition, working on it every day during the quarantine of 2020. C4D, Redshift, and Substance Painter were used extensively in this project. View here: https://vimeo.com/523005563
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