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  1. Hey man not bad. I think the best piece is the tentacles at sea - great animation, great textures, good color theory. The rest of the spots have a unique quality about them which is nice to see. You def have a cinematic theme running through your work. The illustrated pieces that are animated are def the strongest. The more traditional motion graphic design pieces could use some work. Compositions are a bit sloppy. The typography needs a bit more consideration. But overall it looks like you are headed in the right direction. I would also cut the repeat parts out of your reel and the Alaska and Gnome pieces as well. Hope that helps. Fatty
  2. I agree - the second reel works much better than the "shaky" cam version. I would also suggest trimming it down some, to maybe a minute or a minute and a half. I think that would really help along with ditching the camera thing all together. Just my two cents. Looks like you got some C4D chops - keep it up!
  3. I was painting my condo - rolling out the walls and hit the ceiling. The first thought in my head was CTRL Z
  4. Not bad for just getting out of school. The thing I like the most is your sense of timing and motion - how you use the camera in combination with animation techniques. I also think you are starting to get a hang of color theory. The thing I think you should work on are your compositions and overall design. Some of the spots tend to get very cluttered and you start to lose that sense of balance and design. The other item to work on would be typeography - that is something I still work on and I think every designer strives to get better at. For example the Erykah Badu piece...it hard to read her name the supporting text gets lost in the image. Give it some room to breathe. These are the things that will help separate you from the crowd. So keep on creating your style, you have a good solid foundation to start from. Now it's time to become a student of design vs. just a student. - fatty
  5. What about XML? Could this lead to a work around?
  6. fatmike

    Frye 09 Reel

    Awesome - thank you all. This is exactly what I was looking for, some honest raw feedback. A lot of times when you ask the people you know to take a look at your reel - they say "looks good" and thats it. Which is great. However, in my opinion, the best way to learn is to hunt down the opinion of individuals who don't know you. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to comment on my reel, especially Binky. JF
  7. fatmike

    Frye 09 Reel

    Thanks for the reply. My role varied in the projects - some I was just the animator others I was the designer and animator. I know it's kind of a general answer - almost all of the sports stuff I did 100% and for the most part I was the animator for the Moto projects except the very first one. The song I dig but not against swapping it out for something else. The end goal is to show this to a potential client and leave them with a feeling of confidence. So I am open to suggestions - I have been looking at this for a good three weeks and have a feeling that I am too close to it.
  8. fatmike

    Frye 09 Reel

    Hello - I am a motion graphic designer from Chicago. I am getting ready to put out my new reel but would like some honest feedback first. I am looking for "Binky" style feedback. I have been in the biz for a few years and can take criticism - the more the better. So lay it on. Reel 09 Thanks in advance Music by Dillinger Four JF
  9. I liked some of the work but the reel is way too long. I stopped watching it half way though because it was the same beat over and over with no thought to the editing and timing. All you need is the best pieces you have done. You don't have to put every single piece you have ever done. So my advice - trim it down to about a minute. Make a conscious decision about what the music does with your reel. You can really show your sense of timing that way. Again the work is pretty good - take some time to look at other reels on this post and other posts. Should give you a good idea of how the best present your work. Good luck.
  10. fatmike

    phibs new reel

    Did you intern at Buck?
  11. fatmike

    Shit reel

    Yeah the reel ain't all that bad. I just want you to record the conversation between you and a client when they ask you "so...what does fap fap fap mean?" then post that conversation on You Tube - priceless!!!
  12. fatmike

    Reel '08

    In my opinion I would do something much more creative with the 3D text at the beginning and end. It is screaming do something more than just slide in frame from different directions. It is too long. Get rid of the mediocre and keep the good - like the air new zealand bit. Speed it up as well - the pace and cut was just as boring as the song that is being used - again just my opinion. Good start.
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