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  1. I would've been happy with just one line: "Newly enhanced viewport allowing faster interactions for medium to large-scale scenes" I just skimmed it and didn't see that. Anyone else?
  2. I'm running C4D on a latest-gen Mac Pro with a Quadro 4000 card, 32GB of ram, etc... The viewport in C4D (r13) is woefully slow, even in what I consider to be a moderate scene in mograph. For instance, linked below is a simple element I created for a sports package that uses a low-res sphere cloned onto a simple arrow, then the arrow is cloned across a spline, and the arrows are offset... rather simple, but it's slow as molasses. I know that the C4D viewport is notoriously slow in comparison to other apps like Softimage, which is blazing... but is there any tips I can use to lighten the scenes so that I can at least play back at a decent speed? Anyone else having this issue? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3687810/Arrows.c4d
  3. Does anyone have a link to a tut that goes over something like the effect seen in this promo? It's a sweet effect and I want to replicate it. I can get pretty close in C4D but have questions about the textures, like did they use an external compositing tag and composite the images afterwards in AE, or did they do everything in C4D... my goal would be to use a similar effect, but swap out the pictures/video on a weekly basis to update the spot. Thanks for your thoughts or suggestions. Chris
  4. I may have gotten lucky, I built a Hackintosh out of my old gaming rig, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66, 2 GB memory, nothing special... but a decent vedeo card. And it runs like a normal Mac. Everything works... CS4, C4D, FCP, Time Machine, Literally everything Ive thrown at it. QE works too. Comparing it to my dual quad core G5, it holds its own in all but multicore rendering... I say that all to say... I also tried to convert my AMD system... Couldn't get QE to work for anything, which we all know is essential for OSX. So I would definitely not recommend an AMD system just because of the extra hoops. I would peruse some forums to find the most compatible hardware... good luck to you! Chris
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    Haven't heard much talk in here about XSI. Is anyone using it for Mograph? I've messed with the demo and ICE seems like it's alot easier to use and more intuitive than Thinking Particles of Xpresso. What are the cons of moving to an XSI workflow? As of right now I don't see many, other than the lack of easy-as-hell AE integration. Thanks in advance, Chris
  6. Just off the top of my head.... Over the shoulder graphics Open/Close Special intros for special segments Stinger animations "Tease" overlays for throwing to break Talent reopens Sponsor billboards Live Bug Lower thirds - one line, two line Live two box Live three box Phoner graphics Basic background for text info Crystal bug Transitional elements Don't know if this helps at all Chris
  7. Hi Chris, I hardly ever post on forums, but just had to login to say thanks for these tools. If you were a girl I would kiss you. Heck. I'd even be open to trying new things. In all seriousness, you're awesome for sharing these. THANKS!! Chris
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