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  1. Nicely said parallax I guess i have no other choice than just go out and try my luck, which i had to do already long time ago, but i was to busy finding the best name. And the 2 names posted here, were the names to go out and try my luck. But i'm happy i posted here!
  2. Thats just the beginning, you better wait with the bill ;-) I will need more of your ideas. I think i will stick with > just pepper < otherwise i will never stop chasing the appropiate name. Now comes the fun part, the logo. As soon i have some concepts made, i will post it here for comments. To all thx for your honest comments. It truly stimulated my thinking. Ciao Rick just!pepper
  3. just pepper sound really good to me, simple and catchy. Thx Self_90 ;-) I thought of some new, more original names like snye oso Def. of snye - pathway oso - bear in spanish I'm confident with the name > snye < , its maybe a bit strange to spell, but its in a way unique. I would like to hear what you guys think.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I guess i will stick with anothernames advice. I think directly or indirectly the name should relate to its business service. But the 2 names posted here are off my list. I will come up with some name, and if not i just name it Pepper Media ;-) Ciao
  5. Ok i get the point. I would appriciate some constructive tips in finding an orginal name for a production firm. Where should i start from? Should i start naming my business after food incredients, like sugar productions? no offense Chris. Shouldn't a business name include somehow keywords which relates to its own services? I hope you guys can give me some tips. What about the name Mastic Media?
  6. Hi, i'm having troubles finding the right name for my video production business and would need some help from you guys. 1. VizoMotion 2. VisualFuzz Which of these 2 names would go for a video production business? Thanks in advance, Rick
  7. Thanks brandj! Can you suggest some good rotoscoping programs? What about this video , is it also rotoscoped? Thx
  8. Salve, i have some questions for placing 3d objects behind live action. Here some samples to show what i mean. http://www.d-kitchen.com/project.php?p=97 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0D8WsV8EGw What technique did they use to place animation behind live footage? Is it roto, greenscreen or some other trick which i don't know about? I want to shoot a person walking in the city and which each step the floor gets lighted up, like in the famous video of Michael Jackson - Billie Jean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0D8WsV8EGw Thx in advance for the replys. Greetz, Rick
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