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  1. Please help! I'm looking for a real from someone from a few years back. I believe he was from Germany or holland or something. I wanna say his last name is oswalt or something. I can't find him or the reel! The reel started with a caricature of him and then his reel went through explaining different design styles (splines, 2.5d, 3d, etc) Please help find this reel! Thanks!
  2. Yeah, maybe thats what it was and my thinking isnt clear. It was quite awhile ago. Ill look into that a bit more. Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys, So a few years ago, I remember using a script that allowed me to grab the end of a precomp and extend it out in time as i desire. In turn, it would automatically lengthen the layers within that comp. Basically, if the precomp was 5 seconds long and i bring that into a 10 second long comp, all i had to do was drag the trim handle to the end of my 10 second comp and the layers inside the presomp would be exteded to 10 seconds as well. I have searched all over and cannot find this. I was certain it was one of the ones from aescripts.com but i cant find the one i had, unless its been updated and doesnt look familiar to me anymore. Please help if anyone knows what I am talking about! Thanks! Jim
  4. Yup, thats exactly the one. I didnt even watch it yet, I could just tell it was it by the name. I knew if I saw the name again I would know it immediately. Thanks so much, such a great reel! Jim
  5. It was made by a German fellow. It opened and ended with a little 2.5D character. It had a cool way of explaining different design techniques (2.5D, stroke, symmetrical logos, etc). Its bee around for awhile but the name slips my mind! Thanks for the help, Jim
  6. Haha yeah, new one has been in the works...this one is fairly old Jim
  7. YES!!! As soon as I saw "what barry says" I knew that exactly what it was. I couldn't for the life of me think of the title. Thanks so much! Jim
  8. This may be hard to explain but I am looking for a motion graphics piece done a few years ago. I dont remember much about it but I believe it was done by a guy named Tim (forgive me for not knowing the last name). I want to say it was a short piece on war with a brown and red color scheme. Sound familiar? Thanks Jim
  9. Well, I think I got SOMEWHERE. I noticed that I had 3 different scratch disks selected in Photoshop and the temp files I was having issues with was on the very last drive in my list. I opened the hard drive contents of my FIRST drive and tested a document and I saw the temp file get created, and immediately went away when I closed PS. So for now, I just choose ONE drive as a scratch disk and looks like its working as it should. Jim
  10. Strange things are happening.... Photoshop keeps making temp files on my scratch disc, but does not get rid of them when I close the program. To my knowledge, I thought photoshop deleted these files on your scratch disk upon exiting. Whats more confusing, is even with photoshop closed, there are certain temp files I cannot manually delete. Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts or solutions? Thanks, Jim
  11. I agree with the PC route. I have built my past 3 machines and have saved a ton of money and have had 0 problems. But again, you just need to make sure everything is compatible with each other. I have nothing against macs at all, but if i can save half my money for the same, if not faster hardware, im gonna do it! Just my two cents... Jim
  12. Jim Gravina


    Thought I would chime in here as I am also looking for a decent RAID solution. Haven't looked into it too much yet but a friend of mine pointed me to Mercury Elite Pro. Any thoughts on there? Jim
  13. No, pre-comping isn't really a problem, it was more just curiosity i guess. I was just curious if it was theoretically possible. Thanks for the input! Jim
  14. Hey everyone, Im looking for an easy way to stop the time on ALL of my layers, without having to go through and freeze frame or time remap every single layer. My layers are regular video as well as animated position and scale properties. The idea is my animations are going then the screech to a halt for a second or two...then continue animating. I know i could make a new comp out of the damn thing but im trying to do it withing the comp itself. Thoughts? Thanks Jim
  15. Interesting...I do not have a "composition" setting, but using straight alpha worked great for me! Hmmm.... Jim
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