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  1. Hi guys, So I've been freelancing for this motion graphics company in NYC on and off for a year now and recently, 3 or 4 months ago, they starting billing me through Yurcor. They told me they were doing this basically because of legal issues and I thought i understood why. I started to pay attention to my pay stubs from Yurcor and was realizing that they were charging me around 39% worth of taxes which i thought to be odd. Now I can understand employee tax, But Employer tax is being taken out as well. Now this company which I will leave unnamed, said they would cover the charge needed to use Yurcor's services, but my question, are these Taxes normal, and if not, should i think twice about working for a company that uses Yurcor to pay their employees? Thanks in advance!
  2. That helps explain things much better Brake. Thanks a ton!
  3. So I've been in the city, NY, a year now, and have interned twice, had a few freelance gigs, etc, but the one thing that still I've yet to figure out is the "holds" system. Correct me if I am wrong, but a hold is when a company places an individual on file, and might or might not call them within that time period agreed upon. What I question is, how 1st, 2nd, and so on play into this. If two companies have you on hold, and lets say your 2nd hold calls you for work before your first, you would go to them right? if the first hold was to call you the day after and ask you to come in, you would have already have committed to your "2nd" hold and the first can't do anything about it. So why the firsts and seconds and thirds, why aren't they all just called equal holds? The only reason I ask this, is because I was just e-mailed asking if they were my first or second, and I'm trying to figure out why it even matters?
  4. I followed the your link to your website; must have watched about 6 or 7 of your featured works! I love the fluidity and speed thats shown. Its not so fast to where it appears chaotic like most others see. I feel as if I'd like to work up to that level haha, it gives me a benchmark. Thank you for the comments too, my movie title WtWtA is a bit slow compared to your work tho heh.
  5. Hello mographers, I'm currently in my senior year of College and am prepping for a Career fair coming up in a week. I wanted to get some advice on what you think of my Reel and website! Anythings appreciated and Thanks! Sincerely, Michael HardtDesigns.com
  6. Hello, I'm a Senior attending SCAD at the moment and am planning on graduating in the summer of 09. I'm majoring in Broadcast Design and am using a 6 year old PC at the moment, getting ready to upgrade. I'm very comfortable with PC's but can use macs with ease as well, due to them being available in all the computer labs on campus. My reason for creating the thread though is that I plan on investing in a new computer but was unsure as to what I should get, a PC or a Mac? All my friends seem to have Macs who are in broadcasting and I was wondering is there is some advantage to them? The only thing I know is that a Mac with the same specs as a PC is significantly more in price but I've heard they're more stable and handle adobe products a bit smoother? Can anyone give me a bit more insight on this?
  7. Sorry guys, I just realized that if we precomped the image, it was fixed. Thanks for taking the time though.
  8. Hey guys. Long time lurker first time poster. My friend and I participated in this 12 hour broadcast contest and used the puppet tool a bit on some vector art. The problem is, every time we turned vector on(collapsed), the vector image would break apart into pieces with the puppet tool. Anyone know as to why this happens and how it can be fixed? Thanks in advance! -Mike.
  9. Well thanks guys. I wasn't necessarily keeping any tutorials, just some techniques used and how they taught me how to do something(like learning the in's and outs of an effect like particle world or something). I Just hate having to flip through this notebook to find junk.
  10. Hello guys. First time poster here. I have a notebook stuffed in no particular order of just tutorials and effects, etc for After effects and am trying to sort them all out into separate categories. I'm trying to find the best way to sort them but I just can't seem to come up with the right sections(Ex: Text effects, Shortcuts, etc). I'm trying to get a minimum of maybe 6-8 categories goin. How do you all keep organized?
  11. The error Message is "After Effects error: AE_OpenGL: Failed to generate shadow map. ( 5065 :: 0 )" I looked it up on the site you gave me and it mentioned that error number yet the problem was listed for textures and failure to read data. My problem isn't exactly listed per se. EDIT: when I quit out of the program, it tells me this as well,"Invisible OpenGL Buffer Window: AfterFX.exe - Application Error" "The instruction at "0x003b1940" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program"
  12. Hey Guys. First off I must say I love the pink! haha, secondly I'd like to ask a question about some problems I am having in AE. Some background info though before I start. My name is Michael and I'm currently a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design in my 3rd year. Major is BCST/Motion Graphics with a Graphic design Minor. I'm working on this project of mine with some solids I made 3D. I added a spot light, turned cast shadows on the light, and enabled all the 3D solids to be able to cast shadows themselves. I then set a White solid moving it in the Z axis behind them so that shadows could be seen easily. Everything was working fine at the comp in school(on the mac computers) This is CS3 By the way. I then brought the file home and loaded it up on my current version of CS3(on my PC). I immediately got an error saying there was something wrong with Open GL(I can get the exact error message if necessary) and my cast shadows had all disappeared except for one of the solids....odd I know. Anywho, the error popped up every single time I scrolled the timeline and I ended up going into "Preview Preferences" and unchecking my "enable Open GL box". I rendered the file out and..low and behold, it rendered with only the shadow on that one solid. Confused, I brought the file back to to the school computers and tried it out and from now on I can't get any shadows to work except for that one. If I create new solids in the comp they won't cast anything...If I duplicate that particular solid, the duplicate casts nothing. I created a new light and deleted the old one and got the same issue. I double checked the settings on the other layers and they are still all enabled on their material options. Does anyone happen to know the answer to this mysterious problem? My only real solutions are to use the drop shadow effect(which really won't work for what I'm doing, To finish the project without and shadows at all...OR to restart). Thanks all for the help or at least spending the time reading this. And Glad I am now a member Of Mograph!
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