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  1. Thank you - I found this tutorial - http://www.c4dtraining.com/Tutorials/netRender/netRender.html I'll let you know all - how it went to setup a net render just for one machine only to boost the processor at 100%.
  2. Hello, I have a 12 core Mac Pro and Cinema 4D 13. When I render I see and feel the machine is not giving full access to Cinema 4D to the processors (I can still do a lot of things while rendering and the render takes its time). I have checked with the Activity Monitor what is going on and I seen that the green is not up to the roof as it should. Screen grab Activity Monitor : www.philipstudios.com/signature/question_01.jpg I went into Cinema 4D and went into preferences to see what option do I have. Screen grab Preferences : www.philipstudios.com/signature/question_03.jpg By reading the help it seems I should disable the Adapt Thread Activity (which I did, but it did NOT help the speed in any way). Am I missing something ? How can I convince my Mac or Cinema 4D to used all the processors at true power ?
  3. The truth in advertising and - ha, ha, ha
  4. Let's extrapolate a bit what you just said... In this very moment China has most of the production factories of the world, 90% of the IT components are produced in China. When they will have almost the same wages as ours, or at least a comparable lifestyle - (if I am following your theory of 2000% risen) - they could say screw you guys - we are a monopoly of production on Terra - we sell only at that price from now one. A bigger problem for the western jobless populations yes ! Not a problem for the corporations that just move their HQs from west to far east.
  5. so, what's wrong with that ? Mylenium & Sam Hyde - thank for your answers. Now I have a more futuristic question - should we join VISTA movement or should we stick with XP just like some people are still sticking with Win 2000 ? Is VISTA stable enough ? I rememeber everytime Microsoft launches a new Windows edition is a mess How many resources Vista consumes ; will you still have enough room to run 3D Max and After Effects smoothly ?
  6. You are completely wrong my friend. Trust me - indians are getting peanuts and it's not normal ! By doing so, all the other countries and competition will be forced to get slowly but surely to the peanut level of payment and budgets - who is gaining from that "world peace & prosperity idea" - only the big corporations - not the population. Indians will remain poor with this kind of dumping prices and the western world will join them - look what is happening in US with the mortgages and the housing market thanks to outsourcing *.* everything. In conclusion bad for them, bad for us - keyword is exploitation. That exploitation is meticuosly run by the corporations in the name of large & quick profits for the annual reports, while our governments that suppose to represent our interests are standing with their eyes wide shut, pretending not to see what is really happening. Welcome to globalism.
  7. Hello guys, That's my first post on this board. Because HD format is knocking at the door - more and more projects require 1920 x 1080. I have to upgrade my system, but there are 3 constrains/options at that moment : Operating system : Windows XP or Windows XP 64 or VISTA - is After Effects 7.0 / 3D Max 8 able to use that 64bit feature when they will be rendering ? Any know crashes and other compatibility issues ? Processor : WS DUAL XEON X5365 3.0GHz, 8MB cache, 1.33 GHz FSB (Quad-Core) - I know that quad-cores processors requires 64 bit operating systems ; good for After Effects 7 ? Hard Drives configuration : What type of RAID would you advise me to set-up ? I have already a RAID 0 on my laptop. Are other types of RAID much faster/safer - I don't know much about these configurations except that data is written in simultaneous on at least 2 hard drives to gain speed (I've seen there are 5 types of RAIDs). RAM Memory : What kind of operating system allows me to fully use 4 Gb of RAM ? I heard that Windows XP is not using more than 3 Gb. VIDEO CARD : Nvidia Quadro series seems to be the best - any known driver issues with some models that I should stay away from ? In conclusion what system I should buy in order to support 3D application and compositing for HD ? Thank you in advance for your advices !
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