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  1. Anybody going to the PSST3 screening next week? March 18th: Atlanta, GA Plaza Theatre 7:30 PM http://psstpassiton.com/?page_id=347 trailer
  2. i loved the reel! one thing though is when you mouseover the reel the green bar that slides up says "reel 2007"
  3. just doing my quarterly bump what's up ATL?
  4. I don't know how good this will be for AE
  5. i tried to understand what was what with those... i think my brain melted. but i do know i want one.
  6. http://motionographer.com/2008/11/11/imagi...-believe-media/
  7. am i wrong in saying there's nothing holographic about these and anderson cooper is standing there staring at nothing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MrDgCsocaU
  8. That looks awesome! I would help implement if I could. I've been getting more hits from mographwiki to my site lately. Thanks to all involved, it's a great resource.
  9. i agree with the reflections sentiment, and would also like to add that I would lose the "Trouble viewing? Try: Firefox", or at least move to the bottom. With a site that simple I doubt anybody will have any trouble, and having it as the 2nd thing on the page seems strange.
  10. i watched some last night... the tattoos were so bad. I can't believe that one guy (constellation map dude) went through with his. "it's not drawn well" i was hoping the judges would rip them a new one for actually letting dude get that on his body.
  11. welcome chelle! i'm going to try to move out of smyrna and into the highlands area this week, we should plan another meetup soon.
  12. i wanted to come but was on vacation
  13. I would just fake the sides of the bookshelves to cover up the color change. Would be quick and would look better than blurring across I think. I agree with losing the outlines on the objects too. But very nice work otherwise.
  14. andyscott

    Perspective lost?

    this made my day. love the particle emitting cow.
  15. andyscott

    Perspective lost?

    i'm really happy this got bumped, haha
  16. these are awesome! cool idea. I am gonna whip up a logo later so I can get one.
  17. wow! nice clean work, style is very varied too. Liked the flipbook clip and the one with the octopus especially.
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