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  1. can you make a sketch or show some kind or reference?
  2. http://www.base80.com/index.php/2008/07/22/mow_the_lawn_hair_proximal_tracer
  3. Maybe this helps http://www.base80.com/index.php/2007/01/29/align_to_spline_xpresso
  4. I've not read the whole discussion, but from what I understand from the first post you are looking for something that looks like what I've sent, no? here is the file anyway
  5. I move a cloner with 100 nulls from one end of the picture to the other with a shader effector to determine the y
  6. You can trace as many objects as you need, no?
  7. you need to adapt your texture projection to something else than UVW
  8. you can write C1 and C2 in the selection field of the texture tag to apply to the caps only (R1 and R2 for the rounding)
  9. nice idea, i've added you.
  10. So the best city in Italy is probably Amsterdam Everybody speaks english, there is Mograph work for freelancers and there is beer.
  11. Comic Sans?! You know that is one of the "forbidden" fonts?
  12. Use an omni with a reflector/mirror like in real life or try the IES thing
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