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  1. can you make a sketch or show some kind or reference?
  2. http://www.base80.com/index.php/2008/07/22/mow_the_lawn_hair_proximal_tracer
  3. Maybe this helps http://www.base80.com/index.php/2007/01/29/align_to_spline_xpresso
  4. I've not read the whole discussion, but from what I understand from the first post you are looking for something that looks like what I've sent, no? here is the file anyway
  5. I move a cloner with 100 nulls from one end of the picture to the other with a shader effector to determine the y
  6. You can trace as many objects as you need, no?
  7. you need to adapt your texture projection to something else than UVW
  8. you can write C1 and C2 in the selection field of the texture tag to apply to the caps only (R1 and R2 for the rounding)
  9. nice idea, i've added you.
  10. So the best city in Italy is probably Amsterdam Everybody speaks english, there is Mograph work for freelancers and there is beer.
  11. Comic Sans?! You know that is one of the "forbidden" fonts?
  12. Use an omni with a reflector/mirror like in real life or try the IES thing
  13. As far as I know nobody copies my tutorials , probably because none of my tutorials give such stunning visual results as those on GSG. And please Maxon, could you change all the coffee and mocca and xpresso names to beverage names? So we could say; "I rigged my character with Beer", or "oh there is an error in my Gin setup",...
  14. Yes Oeuf I've had clients asking me for impossible things, or for and estimate of something impossible, and yes I have had many occasions where I make mistakes or they do at making the right estimation. On the other hand it has been some time since a producer puts unreal pressure on me. Often it is the case that I can define the time in which things are feasible, it is part of my responsibility to finish a show before the deadline. I am probably quite lucky not to be in a situation where people are taking advantage of me or my colleagues. And I have not yet made any "deal memo" ever, I tend to make quite loose deals where trust is the main aspect for further work. I have a short list of request when I work abroad (what kind of hotel/logging, what kind of workspace/screen/computer, and I want to smoke at my desk and preferably have a fridge for beer) and I love to work abroad when those conditions are met. In the last two years I have worked on large scale projections in South-America and Mexico for a client in Paris, so I travelled a lot down to Paris from the Netherlands and I have done the work on location. Appart from that I do a lot of rigging or whatever name is suitable for c4d xpresso/mograph/TP... stuff. And I have never come across any disproportionate relations with any of my clients. At the end of the day I think I have less difficulties with payment stuff or hours and such because my skills are quite rare and that means I can either be more grumpy or have less discussions about the amount of time spent or payed for a given job. oh and I was in Santa Monica and New York last spring and I am still underwhelmed by some people I worked with.
  15. Honestly Oeuf... you must be joking. Have you never put yourself in ones position where one has this huge task to make in a determined time. Or have you never been one of those people yourself. Nobody can exactly calculate the tasks at hand, nobody. And there is this idiotic obsession with perfection that a lot of us and of the people above us have. Perfection is not counted in time. Making finishing touches is a painstaking work, and at the end it has to be done and I feel strongly responsible. 8 hours are not always enough. But if you start doing the bureaucrat thing, sorry, but you will not get the job. I work in big shows with projection and all and there is no way any of us would even think about our hours at the end of the trip. Show is in two days, that is 48 hours and we will do the best show in the universe. And btw I still do all my rigging for all my clients (apart from the shows) on a no cure no pay basis. There is one more thing I want to say, I worked in the states last spring, and I was appalled by the working ethics. People are there, working for at least 10 hours a day, and at the end of the week the results are completely disappointing (no, not all of you, sorry). The ethics ask a lot of people, they have to give all they have and be there and such, but at the end of the day it is a mouse-moving theatre. The work has not been done. This bring me to the next issue, my job is to solve problems, and very often I can do that sitting on a bench in a park or by scratch my balls. But colleagues or people I work with have great difficulties to understand this concept of thinking without moving the mouse. The whole thinking thing has become taboo, something not to be seen or to be done in private times. When I write in a post above that I sometimes work only 4 hours (in a production environment) I mean that those are the mouse-moving hours, the rest of the time is still involved in the goal we have set to achieve. So, Oeuf, I thing that if you are a free-lanncer or even if you are working for a job, it is part of the deal to be very flexible with time. Take what is not needed but always give what the job needs. Good night, base and if someone needs me, please wait until the beer settles down, cheers ps can someone explain what a "deal memo" is?
  16. I have a daily rate and sometimes I work idiotic hours for a while and the I take a lot of time of. My rate is my risk and I found a good average as not to be disappointed later. On big jobs, a lot of days are quite relax (approx.4/5h of real work) and towards deadlines this takes off to 12 ... 16 or more. And then the slow days compensate for the rush days, so it is quite OK If I would do only rush/deadline days I would ask a lot more then I do now. Oh and btw it is quite important not to die on a job because people tend to find that very untidy.
  17. It is quite an ambition to call oneself "thinkparticle". I've been working on TP for ages and still don't feel confident enough to make general purpose tutorials about it. I hope this will work for you.
  18. you can also check David Hockney's photography http://www.google.com/search?q=david+hockney+photography&tbm=isch&source=og&biw=1378&bih=1183 or Isidro Blasco (http://architecture.myninjaplease.com/?p=2715)
  19. An inside out museum should be kept and protected. But you know how things go... PS1 and 5points made it a neighborhood to visit in the first place.
  20. here is a file http://www.lopo.li/base80/mograph/point_animation_base80.c4d
  21. A random Effector as a child of your plane with a falloff And set the Effector to deform points you could also try with a shader effector and some wave shader
  22. maybe there is a display tag on one of the objects
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