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  1. Aah music videos from foreign lands. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljPFZrRD3J8
  2. I'd say twixter can do some amazing things. Here it is converting 60fps 7d footage into 1000fps 7d footage.
  3. zander

    Scot Pilgrim

    The movie is based on a comic book that "speaks" in many gamer languages, using "1 ups" and the use of Loot from fallen enemies, that's not to say you have to be a gamer to get everything, especially not a modern gamer, most of the references are universal if you've played an NES or a Sega Genesis a decade or 2 back.
  4. zander

    Scot Pilgrim

    To put this bluntly, the trailer does this film 0 justice. It's like summing up Starwars A New Hope as a love story between an old man, a teenage boy and a mysterious princess. The film is very good and it's a marvel in editing, sound design, score and has some fabulous effects good comedy, writing and story. Yea it speaks to a certain sect of people more, but it's very much a film everyone could enjoy.
  5. zander

    Scot Pilgrim

    So what did everyone thing? Living breathing mograph in a film beyond the titles! Loved it, I liked the inclusion of many of the best lines that were excluded during the story to bring it back around into the fold. Very awesome indeed.
  6. Repeatedly, it has been shown, the onlything limiting the speed of an SSD raid is 1) the physical connection to the mobo, and 2) the # of drives you want. When SSD's first "arrived" in a reasonable form, a website did a test over a few months trying everythin they could to get a peak speed, they gave up when they went through like 3 raid controlers and just couldn't spend more money on it. A striped raid of smaller standard sata HDD's was always faster than 1, the r/w speeds of the collectio compensated for not only the disk speed, but also the controller cand/could equally effectively scan multiple drives worth of data as a single drive. So take SSD where the only thing holding it back was connetion hardware at ths point the speeds are astoundingly fast. Here's the article - Battleship Mtron
  7. Flower warfare http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=031Dshcnso4&feature=player_embedded
  8. I know looks potentially awesome. I can't wait for the movie version of it to come out so all my dreams can be crushed
  9. zander


    What has happened to the rude abrasive people in this forum? I was half expecting to come in here with a nomex suite to get through all the flames and roasting. On a more on topic note: That book is fantastic.
  10. Solid particles don't need to be 100% opaque, harry hit the nail on the head, while there are particles that can be solid, that line setup you have suffers from it, the clipping issue sucks. A lot of those particle setups from that video are just using sprites/textured polies as well. But yea.
  11. I watched it over 3 days, very good series.
  12. This amazing postJust blew my mind for a while, enjoy/
  13. Spoiler, this is how HP actually ends
  14. I saw it, the thing is, (and I say this strictly on the word of others) it's a highly acclaimed 'cartoon', that is well liked by many people, critics and fans alike. It actually has good story, good writing etc. Mind you I'm young enough to have gone to see the first Nickelodeon 'feature film' in theaters, and they have grown leaps and bounds since Harriet the Spy. The issue was M. Night is just not a good director, and the writing was just as bad. There is a scene, in the 'northern water kingdom' that they tell the story entirely through dialogue/narration exposition. This same story could have been told via montage, with 10x the emotion and only slightly longer, and it wouldn't have exuded laughs from the audience. The writing is just, awful. 'How Awful?' you ask; I'll tell you. On the way out of the theater, (admittedly the Sky walker sound theater, so this may be a bit skewed) an 8 or 9 year old girl was talking to her mother behind me, telling her how bad the dialogue was, and she couldn't understand why she was laughing at some points, all she knew was that she was. You know somethings wrong, when a pre-teen is calling your writing bad. It's supposed to be a series, several movies. I honestly, am not sure how thats gonna happen. I guess people will still flock to the film, but when you strive to cast your stars with Indian Americans, instead of finding Indian actors who can speak english, or just white washing the entire film, you end up with people like Asif Mandvi, the amazing 'Analyst'/comedian from the daily show, as the main antagonist, and the Evil king, played by a man I only knew as 'Rabbit' as the likeable heal/experienced guy on 'Trauma' a show that, while like able, is in no way getting any awards for it's acting. At any moment I was expecting Raj from 'The Big Bang Theory' to pop out and play a role, but I guess there's still room for next season. I like Massawyrm's review over on AICN, he sums up a lot of the problems very nicely there. It is very very pretty. Oh, and the biggest failing of this film isn't the bad acting (which mostly stems from the directorial style) the bad writing, the bad casting, the lack of forward momentum, or caring for the characters, my least favorite part was the editing. There is some Amazing slowmotion effects with great vfx going on, but the way it's cut, and the way the camera is used, there are about a dozen or more times (not just shots) where they cut to slowmo, and you don't realize it, it seems like people are just reacting slowly, or that maybe that mass of water under the control of the avatar is just moving slowly, because it was in the last shot, Not until the end of the shot are you aware at the attempt of slow motion to be used. When a 200 foot wave is looming over head, and never crashes, thats what it does, it just looms, showing a 'slow mo' shot of it with a man looking up mouth agape, there is no way to process that what you are seeing is slowmo.
  15. I had not no, Thats what I get for not reading mograph more.
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