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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for the help. ChrisC, I tried everything with remote, with Multipass on and off, with render queue and picture viewer. with different codes as scripts and as apps but it didn't work. in the c4d helpfiles it says that with remote you can say what program should open the rendered files afterwards. or which applescript should load. so exactly what you say. it only worked with photoshop not a clue why. ESC this one worked for me, awesome! I'm on Mac 10.6.5 if that helps. what i would improve on the python script if i could is that you just have to click a button with alert, sleep or shutdown. not type it. but that is really minor. i'm just happy that it works! thx!
  2. Thanks! great help. Jumpy Wiggle 2 is great for fake stop motion! i want to add a link to Duik Tools for AE which contain some spring expressions with sliders besides some other great expressions like inverse kinematic: http://ik.duduf.com/
  3. Hello everybody! I searched for this with google and in this forum with no matching result. I want to render an image sequence with Cinema 4D R12 and after that my Mac should shut down or go to sleep mode automatically. I found that with the old Batch Rendering you could drop an AppleScript to be executed after rendering but with the new Render Manager I don't know how. I also use a free Mac tool called IWannaSleep which shuts down after a given time (http://www.sb-software.de/sb-english/iWannaSleep.html) but I can't define to do so after C4D finishes with rendering. The AppleScript for SleepMode would look like this: tell application "Finder" to sleep but how can I tell Cinema4D to execute the script after rendering? Any ideas or other solutions? Best Daniel
  4. dago

    phibs new reel

    really nice reel! the skateboard animation is ill! love it. if you cut it down i would take out those scenes with "there are many scars". at least one of the two at the beginning. the one at the end is good! the first two are not that strong. then the second heart-love-thing, may be dont seperate them. at the first watch i thought it was a repetition. anyways, VERY cool work. cant believe you're only 22 years old. props! sorry 4 my bad english.. greetz
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