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  1. Good Job...also check out my vimeo's page: http://www.vimeo.com/halexsieber/videos Newbie Mograph from Brazil
  2. I've already seen it before, and let me congratulate you here, too....lots of good stuff there, keep the good work , man.
  3. Fuck 'n Hell!!! Especially the opening, and the process! You could explain the others spots experience's in the blog! Hope to see you now in motionographer, man! Bye
  4. - Evolution - Riot Gear - Twich - ect.... ps. What about Image Lounge plugin for AE? People doesn't talk a lot about it, do you recommend it for regular users ?
  5. Mannnnn please put on Nitro Creative Design site's avaible!!!!
  6. Really Love it. Why Buenos Aires motion design studios are all excellent?? rsrs....
  7. Wow, man, great! Very inspiring too me... I recommend you mail the LA or NY studios, I'm sure you'll get some good feedbacks! If you are interrested, please check out my website too... Website
  8. Ok...1 comment : in the “Lauren Laverne” piece (what I liked more) , Design + Animation by only you, or it was a group project?
  9. Do you have any links of this???
  10. halex

    my old reel

    Hey Binky, just saw your website, but didn't play the videos from broadcast section....it isn't available?
  11. halex

    BEMO.TV Updates

    Ok. About the reel , I think is a quite long, sometimes it seems repetitive, but overall that's a lot of cool stuff on there, specially some transitions between two people in scene.
  12. http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=y9LlnLTH87U&...feature=related this is one of the various tributes to MK12 video...but very well done and inspirational....its a Uruguayan band called Quarteto de Nos Try art of the title blog too.... www.artofthetitle.com I always check there for typography references....hope it works for you
  13. halex


    Oh yeah...fix my house stuctural problems...walking in the beach when the sun goes down...study a new software....clean the office old papers....so, LIVE!!!
  14. Wow, I was thinking that Loyal Clients in that kind of Industry exists only here in Brazil, not in the US and Europe, ect.
  15. ''If you think such a script would be useful in your workflow, contact me and I'd love to get your feedback." There is a tool that I've dream a long time... Like premiere or Final Cut, when you 'cut' a footage with the arrow tool , the software show the number of frames deleted as you move it...for example : - 00:00:07 or + 00:01:03 I really would like the AE do the same, when you move the keyframes....its possible? a display showing it.... Thank you and sorry for the poor english
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