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  1. I somehow just learned of this Essential Graphics feature in After Effects even though its been around for awhile now. Does anybody use this feature regularly? Any performance issues with it, or other little gotchas?
  2. I've been challenged with educating some of my team-members who are not too experienced in video production, animation and motion graphics. One of the things I'm trying to do, in addition to teaching some of the technical terms, is to bring them up to date with current trends and styles. But describing some of these styles with words is difficult. Does anybody have any terms they can share when talking about the types of animation we're seeing at 0:05 here? (This mosaic of boxes that each encompass different scenes/actions) http://motionographer.com/quickie/safer-internet-day/ Or this style by Oddfellows, where you have things that are somewhat not totally abstracted, but the environment is kinda minimalized and boxes are again used to highlight different actions? http://oddfellows.tv/work/nextdoor If you have any other relevant terms for styles or trends, I'd love to hear them. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks. I tend to agree, but I'm trying really hard to simplify these concepts as much as possible and give them names, because people in my office don't always get those cultural references like "South Park style". So, I'm developing a bit of a reference guide so they can pick out a style that will work well for their project. I did hear someone call this mosaic-y trend a "Quilt" on an Adobe live stream, which really seems to fit well.
  4. krapart

    A simple camera movement question.

    I don't think you need to get into cameras at all. It seems like the trick is really to parent different items to nulls. So the first piece of text is keyframed to slide off top of screen. The second text and most of the balls are parented to a null that is far below frame. Those balls drop down, while the null is animated to slide up into frame. The main ball is just there, not parented to anything. Or it is parented to its own null, and perhaps the other nulls are also tied to that same one. I think you just need to play around with organizing those controls to do what you want. It will probably take some back and forth and experimentation to get the placement of those nulls correct. Sometimes working backwards is a helpful technique if you're having trouble envisioning things. Now that I'm looking again, more closely, it does seem like the layer of the main ball does become attached to that 2nd null at some point. So you would split your layer into two layers at a point in the timeline, and change the parent layer. With a few keyframes on the first layer, you can animate it down to where you want it to meet that 2nd null. Does that make sense? Its hard to translate some of these techniques into words.
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    MoGraph Chicago

    sorry for this thread hijack, but can anybody talk about the freelancer scene in chicago? do most places seem to have a need for freelancers? or are you freelancers out there having a tough time getting bookings? im in a permalance situation that is sort of stagnating and i want to change it up to become a more project-based freelancer, but nervous to do it in this economy without many contacts. i did the math and realized if i booked 2 out of 4 weeks a month, i could survive. but i just don't know how realistic that is, so any help is much appreciated. oh yeah, and in case it matters, im a mid-level designer/animator with a few years experience and beginner/intermediate 3d skills. i think ive got the skills, just not the contacts.
  6. krapart

    Is there way to pull this off in after effects?

    here's something kinda similar that i did. i actually did it in after effects, but it would've been faster in an nle, just didn't have one at the time. http://www.krapart.com/2008/01/27/one-man-...xylophone-band/
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    The Jerkin Gherkin

    I recently finished my latest short, The Jerkin Gherkin. Watch it at: http://www.krapart.com You might be able to tell from the title, that it could be considered NOT WORK SAFE. Especially without headphones.