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  1. Sup Paulo!! Hope all is well.
  2. My new short: http://www.behance.n...a-Light/2205456 New website: http://www.timsalikov.com/ Let me know what you guys think...
  3. HA, thanks for the link, thats a good reference too. I found the spot, it was this by BNS http://www.brandnewschool.com/project.php?id=395
  4. There was a commercial on motionographer a while ago with a stylized 3d world and all of the cars and objects were made out of 3d extruded type... does anyone know what I'm taking about? I need to reference it but cant seem to find it. Help!
  5. I'm moving to Venice and will probably be there Nov 7 - 8th. Just wondering if there is anybody who lives out there thats looking for a roommate. I would rather live with ppl who work in the industry then somebody random from Craigslist. Just thought I'd check here first.. oh and btw i have a ps3
  6. yeah its a custom mix but most of it is from sebastiAn remixes
  7. Yeah man i know what you mean. Next time I work on the site ill combine the LB concepts and animation together. Also, ill be sure to put some other design stuff on there as soon as I bust some out. heh!
  8. http://www.timsalikov.com Lay it on me, dont hold back...
  9. thanks dudes! docphibs, i work in the 3d room but you will see me in the graphics room talking about the latest post on motionographer
  10. Its a good city but not exactly a hotbed for motion graphics.
  11. I was going for something more like this... but i guess new rave will do
  12. Thanks guys. Yeah, I made the logo myself, although I cheated and used photoshop instead of those original block ascii programs which are very hard to use. As far as the into, I think its good although the background is not what I originally wanted.
  13. timur04

    ReCut Reel

    Hey whats up Andrew! Here are my thoughts on your reel; Not a big fan of the music, seems a little too simplistic for my taste but this is a really subjective thing.. I like the retro intro :23 i would get rid of this shot, i think its the weakest link in your reel. :38 looks like an experiment with a plug in... not a solid shot for your reel. Take a look at one of the real audi logo animations, see how much more subtle the animation is? also how different the chrome looks? :45 same thing as above. 1:13 I really like this part of your reel. Its very nicely designed So there you have it.. let me know if i need to clarify any of my opinions. Hope you are enjoying LA so far!
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