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  1. Thanks man. I used C4d for that. 90 % of it is just hand animating pieces.... cutting pieces off that I wanted to move, made sure they were in the proper hierarchy, filled holes (which is an absolute PAIN in C4d compared to maya, literally had to draw because the fill wouldn't work properly) and animated away. The part that branches forward is similar but I also used Mograph to clone the same object and an explosion modifier to make the pieces move a bit more fluid. Eventually I want to get a screen-grab of the timeline because it was insane lol Had tons of fun making it though, just sat there for about 5 days cutting, organizing, animating, and repeat. 6th day I destroyed the NetRender Farm and did the final comp. lol
  2. @binky thanks man. PALMER has the right idea for the basic build in c4d. Although I tend to add images in the environment and reflective maps (or build a sphere like i would in maya) Usually play with the blur offset. A 'Noise' works too, but I think it tends to look a little too even. @Tentz thanks. Yeah was full time for over a year and half Thanks for the comments everyone!
  3. Recently became available for freelance & recut my reel. Well... more like 'updated'. Just a few things here and there. http://www.ptacnik.com
  4. thanks for the comments @palmer 'both' tracking shots? I have a few throughout the reel. Are you talking about the first and last? (Deadliest Catch 'rough' & Iron Man) The two white squares are for nintendo DS, and I agree was up for far too long. Thanks for help!
  5. http://www.ptacnik.com *now available for freelance* a mixture of some of my older school projects, along with a few of the GFX Ive been doing for movie trailers and video game trailers since I moved to LA last year. Comments and critiques are always welcome and appreciated. thanks derek ptacnik
  6. i run into this when GI is on. After bumping my Accuracy to 90% my Diffuse Depth to 2 and upping the distance between Min & Max Res (10-60 maybe) The flicker is nearly gone. Its ridiculous that its even there. But this helps out a LOT. I'd do a quick render with these (or similar) settings and see if you even notice the flicker anymore. hope this helps EDIT: C4D v 10 and 10.5
  7. Rendered with Scene Motion blur and noticed that ALL the frames had a blur on them. There are several pieces moving in the animation BUT they are not all constantly moving (some never do). Even the frames where nothing is moving look terrible. are there settings i'm overlooking? Is it possible to tell the motion blur when to start and stop? And does it have to be applied to object by object or is it over-all scene? I'll animate it piece by piece if I have to, i don't care, I just want it to stop bluring every object on every frame. thanks in advance
  8. http://www.mercuryjones.com/aepresets.html Thanks for the help... i was directed to the above link. Just by applying this Preset it animates based on the layer (or precomp) size On first inspection is seems to be working OKAY lol... I'm also doing a test by rendering a comp that is 3x the length to time remap. (or twixtor) I'll post more later when I figure out what is working best. And any other suggestion come to mind please let me know. thanks
  9. hello hello I'm doing an end credits ani in After Effects (cs3) and having issues with final output. I've searched for a work around but couldn't find much so I apologize if this has been posted and I missed it. The ram preview is just OKAY but once I output this sucker it gets even jumpier. Ive tried .mov (animation) as well as sgi and tiff sequences just to check... Here is some info about the project HD 1920 x 1080 @ 23.97 the length of the animation needs to remain at 1min16 sec the text itself is Red and White and is created in AE. Only 2 keyframes for the animation. (position starts at 1124 and ends at -9491) I thought maybe I could extend the comp (maybe by 3x) and bring the render back in to remap it to 1:16.... perhaps there is a better work around? Is this a pretty common issue for end crawls? Thanks for your time!
  10. very well done man. I loved it! This is on the front page of Motionographer as well just in case you hadn't noticed.
  11. please check it out! http://www.ptacnik.com My 3d/vfx/motion design portfolio site! Comments and critiques are always welcome! THANKS! -Derek Ptacnik
  12. My Graduate reel. YOUTUBE You can view the full ad campaigns and 3d stills at ptacnik.com Comments and Critiques are always welcome!
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