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  1. Hey, how's this going along Aroma? I've been thinking about bulding something like this It's been a few months and we haven't seen the progress and the final assembly of the farm.
  2. I was sent a simple one page agreement by them where it says all work they get thanks to my reel will be offered to me; and that they won't show my reel publicly. They also said I could include in the reel only the works I want. This client has proven to be a good payer and I really need to increase my work opportunities at this time so I think I'll go ahead with this.
  3. Thanks for the answer AromaKat. In this case this people wants to showcase work I haven't done for them to possible clients, as if it was theirs. I would definitely not let them put it online as a showreel of their own, because my other clients would kill me if they find out. I will make that very clear to them. Anyway I'd like to have some sort of legal protection so any help from that perspective, I would appreciate.
  4. Hi everyone, I have an issue that came up quite many times and it goes like this: 1. I do motion graphics work for a company (e.g. a studio or production company that is not the final client) 2. It goes well, they like the work 3. Some time passes 4. They want me to lend them my showreel and pass it as theirs so they can get clients and send them to me. In the past I've been a little reluctant to do this, but I'm concerned I might be losing work because of being too conservative. In some cases I agreed to hand over my reel but with my logo watermark or to only give them a few of my sample works. So my idea is to hand over my showreel but sign an agreement with the company forcing them to aknowledge my intellectual property and to send to me ALL the work acquired thanks to showing my demoreel. Is this possible? Has anyone done it? Have you been in this position before? It's crazy? What do you think? Anyone that could provide me with a sample agreement? Also to add to the complexity in this case the company and me are in different countries, so an agreement should meet international standards. I appreciate any help.
  5. Epal

    My 2010 reel

    thanks for the comments. I'm going to evaluate tightening it up. You're right on the first stock images, there was not a big budget for the project and the client didn't have custom shots or money for a shot session. About the comedy spot, you mean the microphone? that drop shadow looks good to me, but anyway it's an old job and I might be cutting it out. Thanks again.
  6. I love the way you start it with the Neons and the broken column and the combination of reds and greys. In my opinion some of the pieces need a little more work in terms of design, for example the green branches with leaves growing, there is s sort of a lack of work in background and lighting, it is sort of "plain". That happens in many of the pieces, like for example the logo "policijska patrola", that needs something else, like texture, or sparkles, or I don't know. Also an example of this is the "TEATAR & TD" bit, that is a harsh combination of colors but also there is no texture, no depth. I think in general there is more work to be done in the relation between the foreground and the background. You should also check your camera movements that are a little stiff and simple, it's like they don't flow well. Like for exampe in the bit that says "Xmen 3" the movement is like tac, tac, tac, if you know what I mean. It's not that you can't have sudden camera movements, but they have to be well executed. The ACTION claquet for example is like stiff and plain, I think for that to be powerful there has to be more drama, like change in lighting, more camera movement, I don't know, it's endless what you can do. I like the collage stuff, the elephant and the fish parts, the guy with the horns, the notebook, etc. I also think the people producing light with their hands is really well achieved and is strong in this reel. Some of the parts are cut too short also in mid-movement, specially when the music starts getting more lively after the akcija, it's like, "oh let's see this" "oops" "oh well then we see this other one" "oops" and you don't get to see anything. I would like to catch a longer glimpse specially of the pieces where you use like plasma lights in the background, and light trails, those are interesting. I think you have a wide set of skills, I think you managed to put them to good use in the beginning and ending envelope, but that sense of good taste doesn't show in all of the pieces inside the reel.
  7. I love the abstract pieces, specially the one that is sort of a multicolored ink blot flowing through the screen, it creates really nice texture. If you could tell which plug in or technique you use to achieve that it would be great. The only part I wouldn't include is the iphone and the map, it doesn't fit with the rest and it's not interesting in terms of the design or the technical skills, as tracking is very commonplace and overused now. The reel is too short, I would show more stuff. Other than this, this reel shows your work has a lot of personality and you do some unique stuff in terms of colors, style and shapes, which is great.
  8. Epal

    My 2010 reel

    Hi, this is my 2010 reel http://www.epaldesign.com.ar/motion/motionreel2010.html I appreciate your opinions. Thanks for being constructive.
  9. Epal


    I wish I could get a U2410 here at that price, it costs USD 890 here this is so unfair! dotcommer, I can't believe that a 2408WPF is getting old for you I've had a 2407WPF-HC for a little over two years and I feel like it's new still hehe
  10. That's why I keep my Illustrator CS2 handy, Illustrator CS4 is very slow when applying some effects I also keep photoshop CS2 installed and prefer it most of the time for my regular work I hope CS5 will have performance improved thank god I own an nvidia card
  11. Epal

    Lady Gaga

    Does this contest apply for people outside the UK? I haven't found that in the terms and conditions! I did found these: 9. The submitted Music Video may not contain, as determined by the Organizers, in their sole discretion, any content that: (a) Is sexually explicit or suggestive; unnecessarily violent or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group; profane or pornographic; contains nudity; ( Promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing); promotes any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous; © Is obscene or offensive; endorses any form of hate or hate group; (d) Defames, misrepresents or contains disparaging remarks about the Artist, Sponsor, or their products or other people, products or companies; (e) Contains trademarks, logos or trade dress (such as distinctive packaging or phraseology) owned by any entity other than Artist; (f) Contains copyrighted materials owned by any third party (including photographs and other works of art or images); (g) Advertises or promotes any brand or product of any kind; (h) Contains any personal identification, such as personal names, street or email addresses, or phone numbers of any person or entity; (i) Violates or encourages the violation of any law, rule or regulation; (j) Contains materials embodying the names, likenesses or other indicia identifying any person other than the Artist, including, without limitation, celebrities and/or other public or private figures, living or dead; and (k) Promotes any particular political party, agenda or message; and/or Communicates messages or images inconsistent with the positive image and/or goodwill to which the Artist wishes to associate. This pretty much discourages all of my ideas
  12. The work is great, specially the candle stuff, and particularly at 1:16 I agree that the music is distracting, also the editing doesn't relate to the music's phase. And the intro titles are cheap.
  13. Love the reel and the music track too. I think the need for speed title work is spectacular.
  14. Epal

    Fede's 2009 Reel

    Very good work! I like the way the title appears, I'm not sure about cutting that sequence and showing your whole name only in the end of the reel, I would let the whole name appear, and then in the end you can repeat it with a small zoom out or subtle movement, I also think the words FEDERICOPONCE REEL 2009 take up too much of the screen, that looks a little unrefined in my opinion. I think your 3D stuff is fantastic, specially the hancock piece and the plane interior shots, the motion graphic titles are very good too but I think you could explore more variety in terms of the surface and materials of the 3D text (they look mostly like chrome) and also add more background work to some of the pieces where there's only text. In any case your 3D is so much better than mine anyway
  15. Epal

    polypixel '09

    Nice to know there are many 3dsmax mographers out there. The song in your reel sounded too good for Eifeel 65... good find
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