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  1. i think you forgot an o ... http://motionographer.com/inspiration/
  2. Is there a way to use Camera raw on a video file in AE. I know DNG sequences can use camera raw on import, but I'm looking for a way to use its tools to adjust footage in AE. I have been able to open video files in Photoshop and convert the file to a smart object then apply the camera raw filter and then adjust any video file with all camera raw's tools. This process is long and tedious and looking for a simple solution that keeps me in AE.
  3. I know peeps from Adobe read this forum sometimes they have listened to me gripe about 2015 before switching back to 2014. I want to talk now about auto save. Why can't auto-save be a background process? Currently when auto-save is working itfreezes After Effects and a box come up front and center, on mac this wind will come in front of every application making sure you don't use the computer for anything. Things get worse when you use warpstabalizer. if you warpstabalize a couple 4k videos the save/auto-save process can take up to 10 minutes. Why does this saving process take so long? Can the time be reduced by not re-writting unchanged data? I have turned off auto-save for now, but i wish i didn't have to. I know AE will crash. C4D writes updates to complicated auto-save files in the background with ease, please take note adobe.
  4. I haven't been able to test the unstoppable previews yet... this latest update now crashes for me when using tracking - I tried using the update for two hours and crashed 12 times. In a new project trying to track footage that I later tracked without a problem in 2014. I tried a few different video files and they all crashed after a few minutes in the Stabilize Motion or Track Motion Features. I hadn't experienced this issue before the update.
  5. This new preview engine in AE 2015 is killing me. A known bug in the latest AE CC is the program often locks up during previews. On complicated scenes with a long in out this can be a nightmare. Often I start a preview and want to cancel it and change something only to find out I'm locked out until the preview finishes. Re-downloading CC 2014 now. Side note AE Suicide no longer works on AE 2015
  6. setting the strength to a number more than 0 like .001 worked as a quick solve
  7. I am having a brain fart here: I am trying to have a attractor effector trigger mid way through my animation. I've tried animating the strength and keyframing the enable switch, but doing both of those make the attractor stop
  8. This is not surprising but still sucks...
  9. He left to work for Adobe... and is giving this app away... what do you bet it's finally incorporated into the next build of AE
  10. im just bummed the 12" won't ship till the 8th
  11. I went a couple months back, it's a good crowd... i'd go tonight if I wasn't busy
  12. I know you can refence text from and external text document but does anyone know if you could reference a spreadsheet. Like for a project that needs localization have a different column for each language and change one parameter in after effects to have multiple text layers reference a different column
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