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    My B-Side project

    Thanks man! I'll also send you some goodies. Tomorrow I send your track code.
  2. Hi! First of all I hope you don't mind with this kind of posting. If so, let me know So I can delete it. My name is Byron and I'm a motion designer based in Brazil ( www.segundo.tv ). During my spare time I'm working in my b-side project called Segundo Lmtd Clothing ( www.segundo.lc ). I created and produce t-shirts and other kind of product. Everything is limited and numbered. All itens are produced in a very low run. I ship worldwide. Free shipping for orders over U$100. Hope you like it www.segundo.lc
  3. Hello everyone! I've just released my new website and mt new demo reel: www.segundo.tv So, I would like your opinion. Thanks
  4. Byron

    new work

    Hi! I rendered the DOF map in c4d and in AE I used the built-in lens blur. Thanks!
  5. Byron

    new work

    Thank you guys! krpdesign: Its is all cinema 4d and AE. There is nothing special in the render setup. Its only a HDRI illumination with a light inside an array object. No occlusion and no GI. Thanks once again.
  6. Byron

    new work

    I would like your opinion about my new animation: http://www.segundo.tv/mtv_2nd_v2_small.mov What do you think about the rgb offset? thanks. Byron
  7. Does somebody here heard anything about the Hyper Island(www.hyperisland.se) Motion Graphics Program? Is that good? Thanks!
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