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  1. Hey, did you get the keyboard too? How is it working for you? I use a wacom exclusively....but sometimes I have to write emails. Also is it comfortable to work directly on the screen with AE for example?
  2. Totally. Mainly I do a lot of animating in After Effects and Cinema 4D and Editing in Premiere Pro. I am pretty familiar with the other threads, just trying to get some advice on the laptop situation since it will be my main machine. I like to move around when I work, so no desktop. Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone. I've been a member of this group for many moons. Any PC users that can recommend a capable laptop that can have the performance of a Mac? After almost 15 years using a Macbook Pro.... I am jumping ship... Apple doesn't care about me and my Mid 2012 needs to be faced out. I've seen the Alienware machines, any other solutions out there for mograph? Is Windows 10 good? I have some anxiety. Lol. Thanks! Eri
  4. It's a membership company. I think once you see how much you can make then you stop to worry about the actual cost per item. When you have a product approved for sale you can track download rates and the money generated by your products in real time.
  5. It's not a big deal but it can be in the future. Since memberships can be more expensive later or we add other services then there is an opportunity for a bigger profit to share. It's not on a set price per product.
  6. Hey Everyone, I've been a mograph.net user for almost 10 years and today I decided to have the courage to tell you about Motion Array and the possibility of some of you becoming authors for our After Effects Template category. We believe it's a great way to earn some extra cash between jobs. I did this for a long time and it took the pressure of constantly worrying about the next gig being ready every time I finished a job. https://motionarray.com/become-a-producer So there. If you think selling your work this way is a terrible idea just ignore this post. Or write a very angry comment below. Peace. Eri
  7. Hi Adam, Check out MotionArray.com. We have a pretty great system with some really happy artists doing work there. Manly After Effects templates and music. Some artists can consistently see $1000-1500 each month. But since we are a membership company that shares revenue as members grow, revenue grows. Go here to learn more: https://motionarray.com/become-a-producer Best,
  8. Hey Beaver! I hear you man. I thought about going back to school too. In the end it's what you say..."quantifiable progress" ...in this field once you know your way around stuff, progress often stops being about quality. It's about pleasing someone.
  9. Same here. I've worked with networks and agencies of all levels. That experience has to be put to use. I think creating your own content is a really good way to go.
  10. Sadly, it's a tough industry. Depending of were you work, things always take longer than they were originally planned. Clients will almost always value your performance based on the last job you did and the preassure is always there to navigate the subjective view of descicion makers, that is, if you are lucky to not have a pyramid of people that you need to climb before floating that little quicktime to the right person. Add to this, shrinking budgets, high accesibility of technology and the globalization of these services and you do have a pretty good recepie for a tough career path. The choice is to adapt to these changes and work smarter not harder. I hope my kids have some memory of me not sitting at this computer. Before you know it, you've spent decades doing this shit.
  11. Yeah, it's unfortunate. Sometime the cineware stuff just does not work. If you save an AEC and just import the old way it will. Found this out the hard way when working on some client stuff a while back.
  12. CC Composite. So powerful. Great way to do layered effects contained in the same layer. Try it. You will have a lot less layers in your comps.
  13. Oh Mark. Wait. Is this a joke? This reel is one of the worst I have ever seen in my life. Everything there came from a tutorial or a terrible hack. Glad you "came back to After Effects" but to say you need some original work there is an understatement. I mean everything I am telling you with the most positive intentions.
  14. Oh man....that was it ....arrrrrg! I had did not realized I had a added an effect on it. Thanks meng.
  15. Hey everyone. Has anyone ever had issues with blending modes not passing through via collapse transformation. Not sure why this is no longer working for me. It's pissing me off.
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