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  1. thanks for your time all. I'll try to post a clip of what I come up with if it's not too terrible.
  2. I am trying to make an effect similar to this target/DK spot from a couple years ago I can't find the original video but found this clip from one of the digital kitchen reel. http://vimeo.com/7084715 password is: dktarget I am thinking using a particular emitter tracked to whatever part of the video I want to smear (the driver in this case) but how do you get the color to match the actual video underneath ??? or is there another way to achieve something similar ? thanks Nick
  3. anybody knows if there is a Quantum of solace title sequence Quicktime online yet? I can only find the bad youtube one.
  4. Miniature Rocket was created by myself and Yaniv Fridman as our final project in the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School. The objective was to create an identity and a launching campaign for a new design studio that would specialize in motion graphics. The launch campaign collateral includes a website and stationery material. A one minute video called Polaris was also created as an alternative to the traditional demo reel for the company. Combining 2D, 3D animation, stop motion and classical animation, it is inspired by, and references the art and design of the 20th Century. visit the website at www.miniaturerocket.com for more information or see the video in hi-resolution.
  5. I would say that the motion graphic scene in Van. is still not as strong as web or VFX. However, more and more schools in vancouver are starting to offer a motion graphic / digital design programs. If you want to make the move, I don't think its a bad Idea but expect to do web oriented motion more than tv/film.
  6. I just finished working on a bridesmaid infographic for a motion graphic class at vancouver film school with 2 other design student. I realized with this piece that it's not about the subject you choose (we didnt choose in that case) but it's about the way you work and communicate with your teammates. You can see the video at www.bridesmaidsguide.com and please feel free to go to our blog and comment ( the links are on the bridesmaids page) edit:march1st:added working link
  7. I personally don't think that u need the image background, first you don't see what it is except that it has kind of an "urban feel" which u probably don't want to be associated with in case you want to do more "classic" stuff. and secondly i think a portfolio site should be as simple as possible to put the emphasis on the work. agree with redsodeep bout the saturation. i would maybe try to play with a little color for the text because now you have a list of 6 element all white and it feels really monotone and if its all the same then you assume that everyting is clickable...or everything is not clickable. ( maybe some kind of magenta for justinporter.net) your logo remind me of the darkness logo check it out ... http://www.allcdcovers.com/download/5bcdab...06_retail_cd-cd
  8. hey thanks 4 the comments guys. yeah I think my lack of good footage/time really affected me but I had to do it fast and now that i have time im gonna give a shot to your suggestions. It was my first(well second) after effect try so Ill try to mess around with more dramatic camera effect,depth of field and try to make my layers stand out on the z.
  9. really like the hand drawn part( or is it a plugin?) either way it looks pretty neat. I would be careful about using this kind of music and showing stuff like the hardcore "heavy metal"part because you can get catalogued pretty fast.
  10. thanks 4 ur advices. going back 2 work.
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