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  1. I'm currently with Cargo but probably going to switch since their layouts don't seem very mobile friendly. As opposed to say SquareSpace for example.
  2. Yup. All the plugins, tutorials and effects in the world can't solve that. Its raw animation talent. Combine that talent with design sensibilities and great story telling and that's why Buck has remained one of my favourite studios of all time. Incredible work.
  3. Hi everyone, We have the following setup at work and I'm wondering if it would be possible to get background rendering going on one machine so I could continue working on the other. I'm aware of Adobe's built-in tools but unsure if it would work in the following way: 1 Mac machine with CS4 1 PC machine with CS6 Both are connected on the network but the key is that there is a user on the PC working so all rendering has to be done in a non-intrusive manner and done only when his machine is idle. In an ideal situation I'd like to be able to look over his way and see that he away from his desk and send a job to be quickly powered through while I keep going. Given the tools available to me and that we are on different versions of CS, is this possible without interrupting his machine? Thanks,
  4. Hey everyone Check out these two renders. The one of the left is the approved render but when I tried to render at a much higher scale the one of the right seems to be loosing crucial reflections around the letterforms. Any idea whats going on? I have a golden material with a slight amount of bump noise and of course the reflections on as well.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm planning a move to Toronto around the end of November and was just wondering if anyone has any advice for me on breaking into the mograph scene in Toronto ideally to land a full-time gig. I've emailed quite a few studios already that I've followed and admired for some time, but was wondering if its a tough market to get a job in. Do people typically freelance and jump around from studio to studio a lot? Any advice or names of people I could contact to chat with would be really appreciated. Not quite sure what else to really do to get my name out there :s http://www.ianflaig.com Thanks
  6. Winner! Thats the one, thanks I searched all over and couldn't find it.
  7. I'm trying for the life of me find this reel I saw once that was mostly water and smoke(?) in a hand drawn cell animation style. I believe it might have been on vimeo or perhaps linked here once. It was pretty specific yet impressive work. Anyone remember seeing this?
  8. Can anyone tell me how he did that effect in this? I'm trying to do the same thing in a project I'm making
  9. I admire the time and effort it takes to put this together so props to whomever is doing it. But I have to agree I was hoping for a larger sample size. The biggest things I was was interested in was overtime and salaries. Anyone else feel like the salaries where generally low?
  10. I think this is an interesting point that I notice gets inadvertently brought up often in my city. I think its important to make decisions in your life (career or otherwise) that truly make the most sense for keeping a balance between being happy and fulfilled but at the same time looking forward to the future. My personally belief is that its important to takes risks, move around and generally work hard while im young (25) to experience creating and learning really cool shit. There will be a time and a place later in life where I will want something more comfortable with more security in my job. I also see and hear some of my peers bitch about how there aren't any cool projects or cool work coming into their lives yet they have clearly chosen to 'settle down' with a long term girlfriend or wife, choose to leave at 5 and not work on anything extra curricular. It's a fine choice if thats what you want but don't be surprised if later in life you regret not taking opportunities when you had a more flexible chance at experiencing other options or learning skills that will keep you fresh as time moves along.
  11. also maybe check out http://mandy.com/place/cabc.cfm
  12. hey matt, thanks a ton for posting that, helped me out a lot. I did what you where saying with the function>triangulate business and I see whats its doing. Is the rational for doing it that way just to save polys out the outer edges of the plane where you dont necessarily need as much detail?
  13. Hey guys, Trying to achieve the effect of some geometry pressing against a plane setup as a cloth to make the effect seen below (excuse the crappy photo reference). My question is will I need to buy the dynamics module to pull it off? Or can I just setup my plane as a cloth, set elasticity, etc. and manually pull the object to the plane. Is dynamics required for collision detection? Thanks,
  14. I believe that. I think its one of those programs that was developed initially for the PC. I could be wrong but its got that feel.
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