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  1. Question - does anyone have any information on how the physical presentation of story boards / style frames should be handled? Are there 'standards' or best practices for presentations? Are multiple frames printed on an A4 sheet then presented in booklet format? Should boards be printed in a larger format and if so, what sizes and on what type of printers etc.... Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I agree with drnz. Very nice piece.
  3. chrisluke

    music video

    Very nice work man!
  4. chrisluke


    Great app - worth every penny.
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    I personally would use Wordpress even if you don't plan on 'blogging' per se. Wordpress is elegantly written, user friendly admin back end, media management, there are many great templates that you can modify yourself, and you'll enjoy the benefits of SEO.
  6. Thanks Monkey - again! Merry Christmas.
  7. Congratulations Monkey & THANKS for such a detailed explanation of your workflow! Amazing work. Best regards, Chris Luke
  8. Absolutely stunning work Chris! Congratulations.
  9. This thread made me laugh out loud! Sincerely, thanks for that....
  10. Hello Everyone, This link was posted on Motionographer the other day and I'm very interested in getting everyone's opinion on how some of these shots were done. There are some 3D elements added to a few scenes, but there other scenes I'm not sure how they're doing them. There are shots with multiple versions of the subject which I'm thinking ROTO? There's a shot at 1:50 where the subject freezes and the background continues. Then there are couple of shots where the action freezes and pans sort of like 'bullet time' from the Matrix using a multiple camera rig. Anyway, I thought there was some very subtle and creative stuff going with this work by Andy Gordon as well as some amazing board work by Aaron Hadlow. Thanks. http://www.hadlowpro.com/
  11. Hi everyone, I also was very disappointed with Flash Player, lack of chapters, buffer issues and feeling for the money I payed I didn't 'own' the tutorials. I contacted Chris at cmiVFX and even though he was a bit difficult to work with - for an extra fee per tutorial - he sent me downloadable h.264 Quicktimes that look great. I think they should seriously consider this to be standard procedure and not having to beg them. Contact Chris at cmiVFX and get your tutorials.
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