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  1. C4D you have Scooby Cam Tools, very very useful, Check it out http://www.c4d-jack.de/html/downloads/scoobycamtools/eng/ Edgard
  2. About Storm Tracer i will recommend to first have a good knowledge of TP than jump in to it, is definitely an excellent plug in for C4D. It is very fast, but not to easy to drive. Edgard
  3. Hey guys, I have done these sexy particles a few times now. As simple as Make an Helix to taste. Use a Rectangle , apply a material with different set of lines/thickness these will be added in the alpha material as well. Add a spline warp, adjust the rotation and size in the spline warp options. Animate the rectangle over the spline warp and add a light along the Helix that is in sync with the rectangle animation. You could add some glow but i rather do that in AE with Trapcode Starglow You could animate through your helix a second object and link it to the tracer Or you could duplicate the helix several times with the animation of the light and tweak the helix to taste.So you have different types of Lights to apply different looks in AE with Particular. Edgard
  4. Indeed thanks for sharing your first experiences Aaron Edgard
  5. Even if you were not a motion designer and if they are showcasing the tools and the abilities to connect with other render packages, i think the reel has not achieved its porpoise. It seems to me that they are showcasing what the possibilities of C4D are, otherwise they will showcase Bodypaint the before and after the camera map.The easy of use of the package and how the modules can be used to achieve certain effects. It is incredible they still have these fight between Vray and AR, why they didnt show Singapaore F1, which was mostly rendered with Vray? Edgard
  6. I think for all the major studios that uses C4D it was more of the same,apart form the l liquid stuff there is the FM spot, the cards, the dragon which ha being promoting C4D on the web for a few years now. Cant believe the reel lasted 4 minutes, obviously they are targeting the motion graphics people. The film industry is not making business sense for Maxon, there is a lot more money in TV graphics,commercials,presentations, projections,etc... Edgard
  7. Love it Audiovisual, The only issue i have is that the audio is not in sync with the logo when is revealed, you seem to have loaded an audio file and leave it to that. After all the hair you must have pulled from everywhere i dont blame you Other than that is a piece of beauty. Love the simple text in white at the end as well , the animations over now we want to see who´s company , is more informative than any other thing. Edgard
  8. Very informative techniques, specially the mic, they all applied or stay current to many tasks that i find my self trapped. Excellent job Monkey. Edgard
  9. You got another here, trying everyday to find the best compression for my visuals. The main thing is what is your final output/audience?Web,Broadcast,DVD,Projectors,what type of projectors ,what type of lux are you working with? is it gonna be played from a laptop,which software PowerPoint or Keynote presentation? Bitrates,codecs,etc is a pretty interesting stuff to study about now with all different type of media steeping into the picture it get very complex specially when you are dealing with clients who usually use their PC with a Windows version with a simple Windows Media Player which is regularly the case. I recommend giving it a try to wondershare video converter pro, It solves me a lot of headaches i had in the past for previewing and delivering content. Thanks, Edgard
  10. Edgard


    Maxon updated their 64 bit support a few years ago. Not a word of AE. 3d import has being suggested since forever there is no point into jumping into Cs5 just because it is 64 bit. The 3d import function has being suggested, and not a simple Boris Blue,how many years of development have Zaxwerks.Any ways here: http://www.videoforums.co.uk/adobe-premiere-premiere-elements-after-effects/12691-after-effects-3d-import.html And here are some free app that never made it into the industry http://www.masternewmedia.org/news/2005/02/22/open_source_realtime_video_editing.htm And a basic 3d grid as well, Motion have it since it came out they will probably have 3d import function in the next release. Edgard
  11. Edgard


    On paper it looks promising, does anybody knows of the existence a 3d grid ala Motion? Parenting and Collapse layers ala 3d app? 3d import? I mean there i a lot of room for improvement, Illustrator not being 64 bit is a shame as i used it every single day, i was hoping for a command where you asign each layer to a group with a simple click.
  12. Edgard


    Thanks for posting this link Aromakat, these was truly awesome. Love the street dialogue just plain,realistic and raw. Edgard
  13. There is no school like old school or some crap like that. Froj not so old days TOMAS EGGER from AD STUDIO BRAZIL is the owner now and he just does magic with such an outdated software like Chris says. I have no idea how he does to produce such quality work. Here check out your self http://www.eias3d.com/forums/ let the images talk. I think Chris cares more about him being an ass than waking up in bed with his girl friend. Thanks, Edgard
  14. I have being playing with the new release of EIv8 and let me just say that these guys went into the wrong direction by enhancing Animator and not licensing Camera as a separate render module. The fact is that EI is no where close to C4D doesnt matter how fast Camera can be it is just simple not the same old dog sadly i started the debate not being aware of the ins and out of C4D as i am playing more and more with v11.5 just simply has no comparison. The MDD plug in give Animator some capabilities to export c4d Mograph and render them as at unbeatable speed but the navigation and work flow keeps behaving like a hungry dog with fever. Sonica never came out to the public and they will work with EIAS only so until they have an open architecture they will be screwed and dammed forever. Edgard
  15. I guess he uses C4D but still i doubt it, these looks like VizRT Graphics with a bit of C4D for the extrusion of the logo. But i have found that all the graphics on his website look alike. Anyways thanks for the link batoloco. Edgard
  16. What makes you think they have used C4D or any of its competitors? Depending on the time they had they might have done it in VizRT..if they are gonna do it over and over again they might as well save time and do it in a live Broadcast Software that is just fast enough for deadlines and is true that looks like news because is done over and over with the same package which is very limited but efficient. The Studio AKA and the branding from NBC are totally different approaches to sell a product. Edgard
  17. Edgard


    Maybe you know something we dont.
  18. Absolutely not. Ghost in The Shell 2 is very different keeping the manga style, is about 3 hours is a beauty not like that Avatar everybody talks about. Edgard
  19. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Core-i7-laptop-workstation-Eurocom,7188.html For sure a cheaper option to a MacBookPro(w/i7), not sure when will be coming out seems like April 2010. Edgard
  20. Edgard


    The UI were ok IMOP but not superb.Minority Report in 3d. Storyline was a bit weak with some weak moments and weak dialogues. Great experiment with the technique of the Virtual Camera that was specific used in these film. Edgard
  21. Ok thanks, I got my answer for moving subjects and/or tracking the single CMOS sensor will be difficult but not impossible, as Andersson commented. For general video use i can get a Macro(specially for slowmo of nature happenings) and a SIgma 30mm 1.8 still have a video camera with interchangeable lenses at these price is not possible for any HD cam. The image quality is pretty d good compare with the video look and for 3d comp even better when trying to match the depth and colors. Edgard
  22. Well i for one no master of C4D but if you have TP/Mograph is an unbeatable beast meaning for me the ability to know nothing about xpresso and still get your particles to react to effectors is very handy. Still you need to know the basics of Xpresso if you realy want your boss to consider it as a choice. Edgard
  23. http://www.cinema5d.com
  24. Edgard

    MTV Awards

    I agree with some of you about the power of symbols and signs, even a 3d logo have some sort of power on people. The world is full of them, every where you look around there is some type of shape which makes you feel hate or love yet it gets to you causing a sensation on you. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d4/Opus_Dei_cross.svg For me there is no difference everybody uses it some how or the other
  25. Option 1 will be to go for Lumen by biomek.http://planetpixelemporium.com/tutorialpages/global2.html A more expensive option but well worth it will be Mograph Module and add a sphere to a cloned omni light with .1 intensity and set it to soft shadows. Edgard
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