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  1. Always nice to revisit the basics. Thanks!
  2. Try your hand in Shake if you can. Shake is excellent when dealing with greenscreen keyout and it can handle artifacts better than After Effects Keylight. What I like to do is blur out the blue channel by 10 pixels because blue suffers the most when it comes to DV color compression.
  3. Yeah, I've been dealing with real slime during these past few weeks. But work is work. I've had this happen to me a few times. I think its because of my easy going attitude, when it comes to money (which I don't think I ask for too much) they give me that speech. I know! Bosses need to know weekends and holidays are off limits!
  4. I'm sure I'm not the only one when it comes to this but I HATE it when bosses or clients tell me "I can just hire an intern for FREE to do this job but I think you're talented, so I'm giving you this opportunity." I participated in an internship and a very active one but never carried the responsibility that i have right now. Plus it was a paid internship. I believe having an graphic designer intern for free and make money of their work is insulting. Some people. What are your pet peeves?
  5. Pretty good, I love you logo. In the beginning, the blurry transition is on a little too long. There are some issues with the camera panning over the jpeg photos which you could fix by enable motion blur to your camera and some of the photos. I agree with ppx, you have too many pieces involving skateboarding. Do you have any product ids, network logos, or typography treatments you could add to your demo reel?
  6. Hello, I've just graduated from college and out looking for a job in the Chicago. I have a website with only my demo reel, resume and contact info. I'm not too familiar with flash so right now the layout is very simple. Any comments are welcome. Website
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