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  1. You got some nice work there. My only sugestion would be to work on your velocity. Most of your camera moves feel too linear. Those sudden changes in speed don't feel lifelike and can be visually disturbing to the eye, unless you're trying to communicate something more mechanic in your work . Try to ease-in and out to get a more fluid-looking animation. Your 3d work is good, I think moving some of that stuff to the beginning of the reel will help out showcase your skills. A lot of studios, look at the first 20 seconds and then move on. Overall, good work!
  2. I second theta on Alembic. I've used it from Maya and it works smoothly. Haven't really done it from Max though. Here's a tutorial from Brian Horgan importing Alembic files into C4D.
  3. Awesome and inspiring work!
  4. Love it! Nice shots... and those cuts really add to the impact and drama of the song. Well captured
  5. Thanks edrhine! I'll keep that in mind for my next update.
  6. Hey guys! just updated the intro. Let me know what you think
  7. Thanks Binky, I guess it'll be smart to make it more my own. I'm going to work on something different and update it. Should I take this one down meanwhile? What'd you think?
  8. Thanks Dave! I love Jerry Liu's work and felt inspired by the cleanliness and simplicity of it. The result is similar but not the same.
  9. Hello Guys! I've just updated my reel. Comments and crits are appreciated. Hope you like it! Reel Website
  10. Nice work!!! Love the Nicktoons and VC Stella Maris spots. They sure look fun.
  11. I've used them before and never had a problem. I did get my stuff and on time.
  12. Thanks mate! I'm actually working on my Reel right now and will post it here when I'm done to get some more feedback.
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