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  1. CBS, and I think Turner may have collabbed on the stuff but I was wondering if anyone already knew?
  2. sounds cool enuff to research...
  3. it may be cheesier than what you're looking for - but if you take your balloon in ae, use the ballon as an alpha matte and your other layer with caustics you can force the look you're goin for...
  4. https://www.megainsurance.com/ I was in a similar situation as well and I have 3 kids; I broke down and wnt the full time route as well - I heard these guys were good (not tryin' to get your hopes up cuz I really don't know but,) I heard in the 400 - 600 dollar range. Its worth a look see...
  5. Gray beat me to the punch in a high noon shoot out I would be dead.
  6. http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/day_...ght_conversion/
  7. probably what mixtrax had posted but had been removed... sorry.
  8. The Creative Process http://www.uglydoggy.com/2008/07/its-friday-just-stop.html
  9. saw this today http://www.fxguide.com/article488.html
  10. ignorance - just like racists, bigots and people who discriminate because of class...
  11. Hi My Name is Eric and I still use EI.... Ha Ha...
  12. try using a layer with a stroke (animated) for each vector layer that you have, then apply an alpha matte to each one, precomp that then you can scale the layers and such...
  13. mine does it too occassionally, at home and at work. wierd and i dont have a solution. i am considering a mac though...
  14. ejunyor


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1080PsF has a definition for what that is but what exactly does that mean for the support of 1080p24/30/60? my understanding is that 1080psf is an interlaced format 23.98 and black magic doesn't support non interlaced formats?
  15. ejunyor

    NBA Playoffs

    ok, i thought rondo would be the x-factor of the finals - thinking that he would have to be real good in order for the Celts to beat the Lakers. He has looked decent for the most part IMO in the finals thus far, but now with the injury and everything they say he might not play how does that change the game? does it even matter if Odom and Gasol don't show up? The Lakers won but if they play like they did the other night they might be lookin at being down 3-1...
  16. don't know if this is along the same lines or not but my brother referred me to this: http://flashnifties.com/
  17. Seen both; enjoyed both but comparing the two - Iron Man hands down agreed about Speed Racer visuals tho, very well done IMO... and i could probably have my arm twisted into seeing it again on IMAX, but still Iron Man!
  18. ejunyor


    Thanks Sao - I made a post about two weeks ago for some sorta editing contest (i never entered and i apologize for posting); this sheds light on a real dark and shady practice going on here.
  19. Hey Guys, It seems like this sorta thing only happens when you're in a crunch. I have a 2 Quad @2.66GHZ and 2 Gigs of Ram on WinXP 64 an old BlackMagic Decklinck Card (which is why I'm only running 2 Gigs of Ram) 1st prob. for the past week my machine has been slow to boot up. 2nd prob. Premiere CS3 will not operate (my other CS3 programs are acting wierd too) Premiere will start up and open the program will sometimes freeze in the process or will open fine but will freeze in the middle of playing the time line audio will play okay but no video... I also opened up Windows Media Player and Windows Media Player will not play my movies either... I wonder if this is a DeckLink issue or something else - i really dont know much about fixing these types of issues... is there anyone who might be able to steer me in the right direction?
  20. btw biggieboy your new avatar is sick and disgusting and funny all at the same time...
  21. very funny - I cant stop geekin over this!
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