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  1. CharlesB.

    Anyone only use laptop for work?

    I have both a MacPro Quad core with 4GB of RAM and a Macbook Pro with 2GB of RAM. I don't work too often on the MBP, but if I do an HD project on the MBP, I go crazy. Even editing 1080i or 1080p footage in realtime on the MBP is hard. The portability is cool though. If you were doing SD editing in FCP and some Photoshop, I'd say definitely go for the MBP, but if you're gonna do 3D and AE, forget it.
  2. CharlesB.

    DVCPRO HD Vs. XDCAM EX which do you prefer

    The 5D footage is like under 10mbits of bitrate, which is way too low for good keying and color correction.
  3. CharlesB.

    DVCPRO HD Vs. XDCAM EX which do you prefer

    If you like the P2 workflow though, I'd look into the HPX170 also. It is less expensive than the EX1 and has a much better sensor than the HVX200. But for the extra cash, the EX1 might be the best option though
  4. CharlesB.

    Motion Graphics Showreel

    There's a mistake in the word "Production" in the upper right corner of your site.
  5. CharlesB.

    Nova Film Motion Reel 2009

    Hey everyone, it's now been a year since I got hired at Nova Film in Quebec City. Our main line of work is video production, but we've slowly started offering motion design services during the last year. Here's the reel of most of our work from 2008: http://vimeo.com/2901011 Feedback appreciated !
  6. CharlesB.

    Andy Haynes Demo Reel - thoughts?

    I enjoyed that a lot. There's a lot of variety in your work, and that helps a lot when going freelance. I think you'll be doing just fine if you want to on your own.
  7. CharlesB.

    Hello from VietNam - 08's Showreel

    another thing is that you should not use tutorials in your reel. I saw something that looked exactly like something on ayatoweb's site.
  8. CharlesB.

    Intro for new TV Show

    Here's the intro I designed for a new TV show called Faune Urbaine that will be airing on CabTV (french-canadian version of Fuel TV) in march 2009. Faune Urbaine means "urban wildlife", so that's why the graphic style was orientated towards animals, vines and buildings. Most of you probably won't understand the lyrics of the song but the visual really fits with them. Anyway, feedback welcome and I hope you'll enjoy it. http://vimeo.com/2338222
  9. CharlesB.

    .MTS video files

    true ! I had a project the other day with .m2ts files and didn't know what to do. Voltaic definitely saved my ass.
  10. CharlesB.

    IZIZI Showreel

    I think your work is amazing, especially that medival book animation which I thought was great. But, as the people above said, it's waaayy too slow. And, I thought the intro was kinda weak compared to the rest of your work, so I'd check on that.
  11. CharlesB.

    Woodhouse Reel 08/09

    great work. I just thought the song got a little repetitive after a while, but your visual is top notch. Props 1
  12. CharlesB.

    Updated Reel 2008

    Good work. I'd say you should make the resolution of your reel a bit bigger, cause it's pretty small and makes it less interesting to watch since you tend to have a lot of stuff going on in your projects.
  13. CharlesB.

    The End?

    Painting has been around for milleniums and is still going on...
  14. CharlesB.

    New Macbooks / Macbook Pro's

    Exactly what i was thinking. No Blu-Ray ?? Hello...? They know that most business people don't use Apple products and that the majority of their clients reside in the artists/designers/videomakers category, and with Blu-Ray being the new hot thing for those people, I thought it would have been a no-brainer for Apple to include Blu-Ray in their options for their new release.
  15. CharlesB.

    Obama Mograph?!?!?!?

    very nice reel by the way !