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  1. i've heard speilburg suggest watching movies with the sound off to understand editing. also if you're aware of how audio designers work or you make your own you can play off that knowledge and excentuate movements knowing how the sound will work with it. like 'lets make that goop rEALLY sloppy looking for that sound we got'. but all this is fine and dandy i think a bigger part is to understand each and every frame in the peice and let the audio bring it to life.
  2. you can cue visual elements that might not get noticed otherwise. a subtle movement or small detail can have it's own sound effect and all of a suddent it's a big part of the picture.
  3. the song is awsome and it's intense and i love that style, the other one he did for dj mehdi is good like that too. but this one deosn't go anywhere, it's just kids fucking shit up. how many videos are like that? there should be some twist or something. uneventful in the end.
  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nervo/2347972491/ i just found this thanks to the thread on precomps...from nervo.tv on flickr. anybody want to break down the expressions from the screen shot? i'm thinking it would be a good technique for all sorts of audio based animations. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nervo/2347972491/sizes/o
  5. you could try layer>auto-trace and expand the blur etc to mess a little with the shape and just make a bunch of layers of the same basic shapes on top of one another, change the colors and voila
  6. molo


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duotang duotang! i remember them from elementary school
  7. molo


    i would think presentation is big deal. sort of like handing in a print portfolio in duotang thinking "what's the difference, everyone uses duotangs and the work looks great!"...not gonna fly. still doesn't stop you from putting the same stuff on youtube for other reasons like blogging.
  8. should have a mograph version of a photoshop battle
  9. yeah really clear and practical monkey thanks. tell me more about the sound maps. i take it they're just a basic test that you then apply the same settings to the actual comp ? what you said about 'screensaverness' makes a lot of sense. I was reading through the thread and fortunatly i know more or less what i'm doing with expressions with pick whipping and scaling but there's got to be more. the comp. renders i'll be making willl be mixed etc through vj software. the combination is best. i've also been taking a serious look at soundkeys because ultimatly i'm going to be using audio a lot.
  10. I was going to post on an audio site about this but realized they wouldn't really know what I want to do with it in the end...anyway I understand isolating frequencies with eq and panning tracks, and even gates were suggested to me, I was wondering if any of you have an experience with this and know some good tricks or if you know of any decent resources for how to approach it. Basically preparing tracks for converting audio to key frames within after effect then animating a bunch of stuff. Even good final examples with this done would be appreciated.
  11. molo


    http://swp.cutandpaste.com/video/391 this is mine.
  12. molo

    AE Camera

    something is upside down?
  13. http://www.brightcove.com/ this has the ability to upload stuff and have it avilable for free to watch or you can charge for a download. kind of a more open and developer friendly youtube. I also saw a presentation by some guy from azereus and they're setting up a pay movie site that will be open to independant producers or anyone and will be charge based or ad supported....here it is http://web.azureusplatform.com/Index.html if this is what you were thinking. looking into it myself.
  14. awsome chance to blow some cars up...by the way these most of these 'contests' are just a way of crowd sourcing ideas cheaply instead of paying ad agency X zillions to brain storm
  15. After Effects in Production series by Trish and Chris Meyer is awsome for real world projects broken down. commercials etc. http://www.amazon.com/After-Effects-Produc...r/dp/1578200776 intermediate or advanced are best cuz basics is stuff you can figure out yourself.
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