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  1. Yes that's exactly it! Thanks a lot jblessing and joedonaldson!
  2. Thanks Joe! I hadn't considered Card Dance, mostly because i didn't think I could accurately assign a single signature to a single 'card'. Is there a way to do this?
  3. I have a client that wants to have their employees signatures fly in from behind the camera to form their company tag line. He initially wanted the signatures captured at the event is to be shown at, animated, then shown 2 hours later. I told him this would not be possible and we've decided to collect 50 or so signatures beforehand and just fake it. I'm struggling with the best way to do this. I could hand animated every name but wondering if there is a better solution. I initially thought Particular would be great for this but I don't think you can have multiple custom layers (nevermind 50+). Maybe I'm mistaken? The tag line is just two words so hopefully 50 names will be enough to create the illusion that they're filling it in. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Except for no NVIDIA. Would speed things up a bit for any Adobe Ae/Pr work.
  5. Nevermind, maybe we'll something next month...
  6. New iMacs should be announced this morning. Anyone going to be looking at a speced out 27" inch as either an PC or Mac Pro alternative?
  7. I remember reading about a site a while back that will scan the waveform of a commercial song you could never afford the rights to use in your spot or film, and find a royalty free version in their database that would supposedly sound 'reasonably' similar. Unfortunealty I apparently didn't bookmark it, and now I can't find it or even know what to use as a search term in Google (everything I've tried has proven fruitless). Does anybody have any idea what I'm talking about or possibly heard of this service? Thanks in advance!
  8. Me neither... until Lion. My fault for breaking my own rule about upgrading an OS so soon after release.
  9. Just curious, If you were going to build/buy a video/mograph workstation today and weren't already heavily invested in Apple, would you consider switching to PC? Obviously there's a lot of editors/artists already on PC's, but with the uncertain future of FCP and Apple's Pro software, Premiere becoming relevant again, Apple's abandonment of Nvidia, Adobe's acquiring of IRIDAS, and DaVinci Resolve for Windows announced, I might be thinking of joining them. Thoughts? Really not looking for this to devolve into a Mac vs PC pissing contest. Obviously with the talent and professionalism displayed in this community that really doesn't need to be stated, but what the hell!
  10. Anyone have any particular go to lenses their liking for the Canon's? I was thinking of picking up the 50mm f1.2L as a general purpose prime.
  11. Nice! I work just down the street from CM, also doing web with a little motion here and there. Just curious how long something like that takes you do put together. Do you do all the design, 3D and AE yourself? I can't seem get more than a few days worth of time for most motion projects!
  12. Yeah, Toronto's probably your best bet. Other markets would be Montreal or Vancouver. Industry software is the same up here as in the States.
  13. I've noticed the same thing, however when I play back the same mov in a different player like VLC, the color looks fine. Strange.
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