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  1. If anyone has been following the Chris Schmit tutorials on GSG he shows you how to ad the PSR functionality that snaps your object to the O point of X,Y,Z, which is very helpful. I was wondering if there is another shortcut that will allow you to find the zero marks on an object where ever it is on the stage. So I dont what to find the zero mark of the stage but rather the zero mark of an object. Anyone know how to do this? As always any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Any ideas on how to create a realistic Ring fro Saturn with C4D and mograph? I need to make a realistic ring. I can make random pieces and make a belt? Is there a better and easier way to do this with mograph or particles? Figured I would try something new.
  3. Found this: http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/file/304-making-a-texture-stick-to-clones/
  4. I'm workign on a project where I have an ad that I want to break apart and fall into a canyon. What I'm not sure how to do is place my pic of the ad on the surface and have it segment when the pieces fall away. I know theres a way to do this in mograph but I cant remember the tutorial I saw that showed how to do this. Anyone know where I can find a tut on that?
  5. I have to figure out how to use xrefs. I did basic search but didnt find a lot
  6. I'll do some research on how to use xrefs. I'm not sure what those are. I'm pretty new to Cinema 4d. I have played in the past but now I have a real project and its rather large so I have to get this stuff figured out asap lol
  7. I have a quick question about working on large scene files in C4D. I have to build out what is going to be a large scene. I'm about 10% in and I can hardly move around the viewport. Whats a good way to manage the scene so some parts wont render and bog down my machine? Not sure what all the small circles do in C4D in the objects pallet. Should I move to the layers pallet? Is one better than the other in regards to managing large scene files? Anyone have any workflow tips?
  8. I got the animation looking great with a cloner and a spline modifier. I also got all the wheels to animate through the cloner, all but the first set. For some reason they won't rotate.
  9. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I need to make a conveyer belt where the belt constantly rotates. I originally thought it would be easiest to look for a tank tread tutorial to get the functionality. All I keep finding is an older tut with expresso and C4D 11 that needs a plugin to run. I pretty much know I need a spline I need a polygon a cloner object but beyond that I'm having a hard time getting this going. If someone has a tutorial they know of that would be a big help.
  10. I figured it out. If anyone else has this problem. I didn't get the title safe to work. It was greyed out for some reason but if your in perspective it works which wasnt a help. You can get to titlesafe by hitting shift V. But, if you zero your camera out and in the cordinates area and turn the camera on and zoom in you can get get my desired effect which was a no hassle dead straight camera view of your object.
  11. Hey guys, I'm working on a rich media ad and I wanted to incorporate Cinema 4D. I'm having some trouble with my setup. What i wanted to do was go to my render settings and pick the size (300x250) set title safe to those dimentions in inches in the front view and be off to the races. My problem is and I'm usind version 12, title safe will only work in perspective mode, and when I set up the output to 300x250 it still isnt rendering 300x250. I must admit I am a noob. What I am hoping to acomplish is a workspace that will render out a 300x250 image sequesnce. Any help would be appreciated. - John
  12. The problem is like you are saying. I need an HD movie but will the pesenting labtop be able to play it? Basicly I have been tasked with a video project to evangelize a product our department is going to be playing for the entire company to show them what we are workign on so I have been playing with the PhotoJPEG setting on my macbook which is most likely what we will be presenting on. The thing is I am only rendering out a fraction of what i would actually be showing so the settings that are workign now might not work once the whole movie is rendered out so I have to render out something longer and mess with the compression I guess. I'm also going to try the technique you mentioned.
  13. I switched to jpeg and that actually plays pretty well. Thanks for the advice. If you have any other tips of how to make the video play even smoother I am all ears. Thanks for the help. Really helps me out of a bind.
  14. I'll give that a try. I was rendering to Animation so I switched to "jpeg picture" I'm going to try that now. What is ProRes?
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