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  1. yacine

    TEDx Animation

    A teaser that i just made for the local TED event
  2. Hi there just finished my new showreel : ) Website : http://cingraph.com ________ Muisc : Bonobo - Kong
  3. ah thanks very mych that will help a lot
  4. hhhh no i didnt mean that i want it to look like that , but its just a reference, i'm suposed to make somthing descent not realy as fantastic as this cctv spot, just to get close to this style
  5. Hi everybody, i'm on a project right now and i'm kind a stuck , i must achieve a certain effect a little bit similar to the CC TV, Ink commercial, but dont have much time to all the modelin and animation process and dont use 3ds max either for the Krakatoa, im using Maya, so i must achieve an effect close to this one just by using Silhouets that we shoot + AE. So first thing i thought about is to mix the particular stuff like emiting from the shape of this silouets + some stock shots of ink. If you have any other ideas, i'll be happy to hear them ( or tutorials that can help ) thanx Here is the wonderful spot of CCTV ( the reference )
  6. it has a very good feeling sounds good with the music, just a little more work and it will be awesome.nice idea.
  7. SSS is tough indeed, but i tried ealry on a projet to make a Shader that looks a little bit like an SSS shader by Connecting a Facing ratio node in gradiant and the result is connected to Incandescence its similar to a Falloff Shader in Max but i dont know about C4D so i think it should work.
  8. Its a very good start, and my advice is that you begin by imagining the rythm before animating and remember always that ther is a watcher who you must keep its attention so it must not be boring and repetitive. good start and good luck
  9. http://www.rui-ricardo.com/index2.htm
  10. wow, im really respect those developers from frishluft cause already theire Lens Blur is fuckin awesome et here comes another powerful tool.thanks for the share.
  11. your welcome enjoy, nice trick jazzman!
  12. just wanted to share with you a very cool site www.kromotion.com ; it's french ( i talk french to hh y'a t il des fran├žais par ici ?), anyway what's really cool is the free Magazine (called Kromag) , available fir free in English where you can find Interviews with great motion graphics studios and more...Enjoy.
  13. as C.Smith said Particual, it's the best solution more fluid and gives more possibilities and i dont think CC particualr system allows DOF, but particular i'm sure it can, i swear guys im not a Trapcode salesman . good luck .
  14. i just saw it, its an amazing documentary, especially when it shows how the Pixar guys were believing in their studio through many problems they had with Walt Disney company .It shows also the relationship between George Lucas and the Pixar technologie, and the vision of steve jobs that saved Pixar from closing their studio.Great documentary and a lovely story just like Pixar Movies.
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