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  1. RAZ

    Snow leopard

    On a side note, Leopard's default background was virtually the same as their box art...so are we going to have a giant Snow Leopard staring at us when we get this thing started for the first time? I just want to be prepared, ya know?
  2. RAZ

    Snow leopard

    Ah! You said it. Papyrus. What the effin' eff? On topic: maybe the fact that it's a mysterious and fiercely elusive animal that is virtually never filmed means that 10.6 is...lost my train of thought...whoever captured that picture is definitely happy it's being used for Apple's boxes though. Cha ching!
  3. Yeah I'd totally steer clear of that.
  4. This isn't exactly an answer to your question as I do not have official contract language for you, but it reminded me of something Steve Jobs once said of Paul Rand when Rand was contracted to create the NeXT logo: Go to 2:40 - 3:30 to hear about how Paul approached a situation that is somewhat like yours. PS - The video was from what appears to be an uncut interview so it's a bit unpolished if you decide watch the whole thing.
  5. Absolutely great! Really enjoyed the reel and the Send a Robot video.
  6. Occasionally things I'm looking at in real life arrange themselves in a series of Over nodes and Switchmattes, with the occasional color correction node in my head. That's probably a result of using Shake too much...
  7. http://motionographer.com/theater/prologue-offf-2009-titles/ I just went into Firefox's Page Info and downloaded the embedded .MOV. I'm a big fan of this piece.
  8. Hm, I honestly didn't know it was broken, or that it was such common knowledge. Where can I get more info on the issue? Apple Color is the way to go?
  9. "Indiana........Indiana....let it go." As has been stated: I personally feel like you'll be just as marketable if you hand over your project files. It's the end product of your work that defines you. Your process is precious to you but your process is fluid - ever evolving and ever changing. You'll keep learning more and more impressive "tricks", I'm sure companies aren't hiring you because you're that "3D Stroke Guy" or that "Particle Text Guy" etc. They hire you because they like your end product. PS - sorry to hear that you lost your job, but happy to hear that you are up and freelancing. Good luck!
  10. RAZ

    the credit crunch

    Yeah but with debit you don't have the option to constantly put payments off month to month. Where's the fun in that? My credit tanked recently. Remember the ending shot in Fight Club with the buildings exploding and falling? That's what happened to my credit. Life goes on, there's always cash. Maybe I'll look more into this "debit" you speak of...
  11. * Copy link. * Paste into mass e-mail to coworkers. * Smile. Thank you so much for posting this. Spot on. Awesome.
  12. Only $40k? Lucky... Good luck!
  13. Very nice and very on theme! Great work.
  14. I second the "guffaw" about not designing on a PC. I'm all Mac, but really...? My two cents: Coming from learning Maya and using it extensively with Shake. For visual effects, I say go Maya. For motion graphics, C4D is the way to go. C4D's ability to play with After Effects is so much more intuitive then Maya (import Maya camera data into AE...it can be done but I dare you not to curse at your monitor in the process), and even creating motion graphic elements (cough 3D strokes cough) or hell...even 3D text just WORKS in C4D versus having to go through hoops to accomplish the same things in Maya. If you're on a Mac and have to go with a new app aside from Maya, I'd say check into C4D. On a PC, maybe C4D or 3DSMAX. Never used Max myself, but I like some of the things I've heard about it.
  15. Agreed, good edits but spelling error at :09.
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