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  1. im a big fan of alt to drag and replace a layer from the project to the comp. its a life saver.
  2. I just found out about Multi-machine render! I cant believe i haven't found this earlier! anyone have any issues with it that i should know about?
  3. Thanx guys, I just moved in with a bunch of programmers and they all swear by Ubuntu. It's a sweet OS but I need the software. whats the best way for me to render-farm with just one other system? I have two quad core systems, if I am rendering on one of them is it worth setting up the render-farm for just one other computers juice?
  4. Can I get CS5 in Ubuntu? I Primarily work in Ae and Maya, would I be able to get either of those operating on the Ubuntu platform? If not, what software was built with Linux users in mind?
  5. All the kool kids are going! http://www.aeny.org/meetings.html
  6. Just discipline yourself to keep things in categories and name them so that you can understand exactly what it is and what its being used for. The name of a file can be huge, take advantage of that and the fact that you can create folders inside of your project to hold the imported files.
  7. Fenniless

    Thieves suck

    Gmail, man! I have all of my mail that I've ever sent or recieved for the past 4 years wherever I can access internet. Was your stuf copyrighted?
  8. yeah, that's what I am looking at. When I click choose folder, is there a way to set the cache folder on a drive with more freespace? Or does it have to be in the application folder? Does it really help to have a lot of disk cashe?
  9. Is there a way I can set up my cache on a harddrive that doesnt have the software on it? I'v got massive free space just not on my system drive. If anyone could clear this up for me that would be great, I'm trying to do some complicated composites with dualcore 1.87ghz, 2Gb RAM an 80gb system drive and two 300gb seagates.
  10. i would get a picture of that happening so that you can compare and see exactly how you want it to look. keyframe the position of a lens flare behind him, and play around with masking out the edges of the figure. Feather it and adjust the luminostiy with whatever you want, curves, hue/sat, levels, exposure... whatever, you should also make the whole guy a little warmer(orange) theres probably a much better way to do it useing 32bpc experiment.
  11. I liked it, especialy the part when it says HP vivera pigment and the bars are droping on time with the song, I love that kind of stuf. It turns it into eye/ear candy, check out mine. http://www.stage6.com/user/fenniless/video...s-2007-demoReel or http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=...ideoid=27843687 i dont have alot of motion graphic stuf in the reel, but there will be alot in the next one.
  12. I am a college student with a concentration in digital video. I am going into this industry because my goal in life is to not hate my job for the rest of my life like so many people do, and this stuff seems to be the best chance in making that a reality. I want to be a Howard Roark type of person and refuse every job unless I have complete and total artistic freedom in the project. If I had things my way I would get paid even though the composite doesn't have the company in it. But that's not a reality, in most cases, so I have to compromise for the demands of corporate art and contribute my 32 cents to modern media. so how am i striving to not hate my job when I'm just going do be doing cartoons for big business without complete creative freedom? I always have my own art that I'm working on the side, regardless of how tight my schedule is or how many kids I have, I will always find time for "my art". and i think that's whats going to keep me from going key frame crazy, Painting, drawing, designing my own cloths and even writing lies on all the newspaper stands in the area, its all art to me
  13. Fenniless

    GWEN REEL 08

    HAHA, You animate like a girl!!! jus play'n Tuph stuph you got there. Check mine out, its not going to be as nice quality, but im working on that. http://www.stage6.com/user/fenniless/video...s-2007-demoReel or http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=...ideoid=27843687
  14. In support of the Kramer tutorial clones, Learning how to control a 3D world and fill it with whatever you want is kind of a rush. At least for me... I think I have recently become addicted to learning as much as I can about AE and other such powerful apps. It's completely natural to what to make it look like you can blow someones head off with a spray painted water pistol after someone shows you how. It's also natural to want to show it to your buddies on youtube, but as long as they take a step towards self education and learning the programs by just playing with them until 5am and experimenting, they will have their own style. These programs are just tools... paint brushes, and the real artists paint their own pictures. -JoeFenn
  15. Thats awesome, I'm about to get in there. Any one with an HD camera can make so much money from these websites too.
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