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  1. You know, this isn't your dorm room. You really ought to use a little bit of discretion when posting. Not everyone in the post industry or motion graphics design world is a 23-year old male. Anyone wonder why there's no women on these boards? I'm not offended, it's just not not the place for this kind of purient remark. Eagerly awaiting your kneejerk "take it easy, dude" reply -bd
  2. 100% agree here, especially on points one and two. See if you can get the url with a .com and not a .net or .tv I would also add that it should be something generally positive without being saccharin. In other words, I think it should denote a sense of creation but staying away from sounding sugary or twee-sounding
  3. I have basic blue (cruddiest of blue cross plans), with a $2500 deductible for about 85 a month. I get this so basically I don't have to bankrupt my family if I need a kidney or something serious. Last year when I got married I called about adding maternity coverage and it they quoted me around 850 a month, so adding that is a LOT more. One good approach is to get a higher deductible health insurance (much cheaper) and get a health savings account. Going this route has great tax advantages as you don't have to pay taxes on the money going into the account. I'm just looking into this right now... Here's some info on health savings accounts: http://www.kiplinger.com/features/archives/2004/02/hsa.html -bd
  4. Hey, Wow, thanks for all your comments, they've been really insightful. What I think I'm going to do in this case (and what I've done in the past) is to what RustyAce suggests...that is, render all the fancy animated stuff and just make the text editable. I think that's all they really want in this case anyway, but I was surprised to see "all original, complete work files" in their delivery spec sheet...and it's something I've seen more and more lately. I guess the point to start makin a fuss is if they come back and ask for the whole shebang later. If they do come back and ask for the full files, I can make the argument that the work files are far too complex to have someone just jump in and change stuff around . Additionally, there's the issue of having the right plugins and stuff. Also, this is a huge project for me, one that has involved other animators and audio guys and such. I've had to frankenstein some stuff together with other people's corrections, they aren't the neatest files, it would take some time to walk someone through them. I'll cross that bridge... In this case, I don't think this place's aim is malicious or to take away future work away from me, it's probably more of a case that they want everything laid-out according to their specs so they don't have to think, and if they have absolutely everything then there's less time down for them if they need a quick change. I'm not that comfortable with handing everything over, but I want to be a good and "easy to work with" kind of vender and make my client look good. Again, I'm not giving work files to my client, this is a third-party vendor that my client's client chose. I think this is mostly an intellectual property issue, and I should have my lawyer check out these contracts one by one as I get them, and have him send the contract back with the provision that I keep my work files. Thing is, using him costs a lot of money and digs into my bottom line for each project, I might want to have him do that for the next round, tho and hopefully use that contract as the new template for each job. I appreciate all of your responses. thanks! -bd
  5. I do have contracts with this client for each new job. There's no specific language in there that would lead me to believe that they own the work files, a lot of stuff about expectations and delivery date, copyright, etc. One thing that makes this particular situation a little weird is that this project is being funded by yet another company, and I'm using that company's vendor. Ugh, I didn't search well enough on this topic, sorry...I'll check that thread and see what people have already talked about on this issue. thanks for your reply!
  6. Hi, Love mograph and would appreciate expertise/advice here: I've been doing DVD menu design for 8 years, and recently I've noticed the trend of bigger authoring houses asking for all work files associated with projects (AE, photoshop, supporting files, etc). I am not liking this trend because I hate to give over work files that can basically be used by another vendor for future work. In the past, if another vendor really demanded the files, I've just made dumbed-down versions of the files by flattening the animation into a movie and making the text editable. I am about to finish a months long project for a really great, long-standing client. Thing is, they're using a big authoring house that has a spec sheet requiring all working files for the project, and they're seemingly unbending with their requirements. Is it unreasonable to push back on sending any work files at all, using the defense that it's an intellectual property issue? Are other people upset about handing over after effects files to other vendors? If so, what are people doing to not create possible antagonism with their clients? I don't wanna shoot myself in the foot, but I also don't want to create a stink for my client who's been very good to me. thanks!
  7. This is a totally cool space! Can I ask where you got those storage units on the right?
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