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  1. Hey guys! Thanks a lot, I'll give it a try!
  2. Hi, I am looking for a way to distribute clones along a spline. At the beginning of the splines the clones should have distance A and at the end of the spline distance B. I want to animate the clones through and offset... Basically I would like for them to have a larger gap between them at the beginning of the spline and while they move along reduce the gap between the clones... Any ideas how to achieve that? Thanks
  3. Uhmmm... not sure how to paste images here... but here's a link .. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1183913/Multishader.png Cheers
  4. Hey I am trying to create a texture for my mograph cloner object so that every horizontal line has a different color.. The color comes from a multishader that,at the moment, is set to indexed, because it gave me the closest result so far... BUT... I want each horizontal line to have a different color.... Any ideas how to achieve that? Also in this case I had to create 15 color shaders to get this color distribution... It would help if I could do it with only 5 or 6... Thanks!
  5. Well... Can't say you're not right Thanks for the help!
  6. Hey all, I have a quick question... I am doing some simple simulation tests with Cinema.. Objects falling on to a floor and bouncing off... In this special case I have an organic object that I want to attach to a non organic object and have both of them collide with a plane. I applied a soft body tag to organic object (A) and a rigid body tag to non organic object (. My problem is that A and B should stay together when falling and also after the collide.. Here's what I tried A (soft body tag) with B (rigid body tag) as child -- objects detach during fall and react as seperate objects B with A as child same thing A and B in a Null same thing A and B in Null Null has Soft Body Tag and B Rigid Body Tag -- no good results.. I'm sure I am missing sth here... any ideas?? Sample scene here : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1183913/example.c4d Thanks!
  7. As suggested by Ventilate.ca ... would anyone here be interested in Toronto being the last city of the next Cut&Paste Tournament?? If so, please send an email to the people there and let them know
  8. Yeah, I guess it is all a matter of skill in the end... but I wouldn't know where to start really... The Canadian dollar being a bit lower than the Euro I'm thinking just transporting Euro into Dollar won't make the deal... I'm really just looking for an estimate of what you guys would charge an hour...
  9. Hey everyone, I was thinking of working abroad for a while... One of the places I'd like to work in is Toronto. The seem to have a nice setup of companies. What I was wondering though was what artists in Canada charge. Freelancers or long term contracts... I only know what to bill in Europe but I couldn't just convert the prices from Euro into Canadian Dollars... Thanks rondo
  10. Hey, I'm not sure what you mean by that. As I know, you can't tell a shape layer to have thickness a at starting point, thickness b in the middle and thickness c at the end point... or maybe you can and I just don't know how? I also tried to link a vector shape from illustrator to a spline to sort of create an animation parent. But I couldn't manage to maintain the shapes values. When using a pickwhip expression on that, it just changes the shape according to the spline.
  11. Hey guys, so, I'm working on this project that involves many vector shapes which will be animated. What I am trying to figure out is a way to bring in a shape from illustrator and deform it along a spline... when pasting a brush from illustrator into after effects, it creates a shape and not a line that has a variation in thickness. But in order to simplify the animation process it would be great if I could define a master spline, that controls the other layers mask. A simple pick whip expression unfortunately didn't do the job and I'm not an expression guru, which is why I hoped you guys would know if there is a solution for the problem? Would be great Cheers *rondo
  12. Hey, after trying out some stuff I found out you can put a cube into a fracture object. When you collapse the fracture object you have all faces as a single object. Cheers *rondo
  13. Hey, I have a question to step 4... I couldn't figure out how to animate a single face of a cube... What I did was create the cube, then disconnect the face (preserve groups unchecked) and then moved the face to another position. When setting a keyframe nothing happens... What is the right way to do that? Cheers *rondo
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