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    USA Adventure!

    Way charming. Congrats.
  2. Might wanna check that date again before making too many plans for this meet-up, Wooky. o_O
  3. As far as a "GSG for audio"... FXPHD has a "AUD206: Creating Killer Audio for Mograph" that sounds pretty fun. http://www.fxphd.com/fxphd/courseInfo.php
  4. Mocha is definitely your best place to start. Curious Turtle has a tut that covers pretty much what your asking about. It's number 4 I believe. I've bought and used a bunch of their training and it's really pretty decent... despite the impression their website may give. Hope this helps. http://www.curiousturtle.com/79-paid-tutorials/imagineer-systems-mocha/150-master-mocha-vol-1-production-effects-with-mocha-pro-after-effects.html
  5. Very strong work. Not a stinker in the bunch. Congrats.
  6. Spence, Same here. If you take a look at the expressions and such going on with any of the tools in Duik 14, you'll see that there is a _helluva_ lot going on behind the scenes. The speed hit is kind of a drag, but overall I'm still really digging this guy's stuff. In awe of it actually.
  7. Spent a bit more time on this one and got something that is working fairly consistently as far as getting things to match up. So far it works with 3 test models I've made... so: 1. Import your .obj into a layer with Element and a layer with Plexus. 2. In Element > Scene Setup turn Normalize Size off (thanks Mylenium). Then make sure that Anchor Point is set to "From Model." 3. In Element > Group Utilities > Create Group Null > Create 4. In Plexus Obj Object > turn on Invert Y and Invert Z. 5. Set OBJ Scale to 250%. (Yes, I know... WTF!?!?) 6. Now just pick whip your Plexus properties for XY and Z position and X,Y,Z, rotation to the Element Group null. 7. Animate the Group Null as desired. I suppose you could also link the scale of Plexus to the Element Group null and just add the x2.5 but I haven't tested that. I did notice that if you make the Element Group Null a child of another null the Plexus model will lose it's relation... so don't do that unless you're way smart and can get some other expression voodoo going. Haven't tried any of this with Form or Mir or ShapeShifter. For today, I hope this helps someone.
  8. Ugh... was half afraid of that. Thankfully this particular gig can get away with just some basic camera moves once I eyeball the Element and Plexus bits into place. Thanks for confirming this little blip. I have to wonder if there's a potential AE Script there. Pretty narrow market, but when you need it, you need it. Brute force for now. Thanks for chiming in.
  9. I'm wondering if anyone here has already figured out exactly what the settings need to be to have imported Element 3d .obj and imported Plexus .obj to match up (position and size) in AE. I'm getting fairly close by just brute force scaling and moving, but can't help but think there's a more accurate way that someone else has already cracked. Right now I'm just inverting all axis (X,Y,Z) in Plexus and scaling to about 48.5 percent. Then moving the Element model position to match the Plexus verts. Getting really close but seems reeeeeally random. Right now I only have to do camera animation, but things will get even more wonky if I need to move the Plexus and Element models together. Anyone else run into this and how did you crack it? Thanks much.
  10. Movult, 2. Look into CC Composite effect... under Channels I believe. 3. It's in the latest version. 12.1 Hope that helps. All I want is that goddam Vector Paint to return. Have been forced to using my 2007 iMac as it still has CS4 on it. Drawing and rotoing on that machine and then moving renders to my 12-core to comp for 3 weeks is getting really old. Adobe has been teasing that Vector Paint is "coming soon" for like 3 years now. Fingers crossed for this summer.
  11. Check out the Video Layer functions of PhotoShop. Also look into Vector Paint in AE. Unfortunately Vector Paint was removed after CS4 I believe. Maybe you'll be lucky and have an old version (CS 4) hanging out on one of your old crappy machines like I did for a recent project. Really pisses me off that Vector Paint was removed. Makes me wonder what Adobe thought they were replacing/improving it with. Anyone have any insight into what was supposed to replace Vector Paint? How does that replacement/improvement work for you?
  12. Try the Spherify deformer on your Tracer object. Probably going to have to do a bunch of them for your hero paths, but several of the "non-hero" could use the same Spherify deformer. I just tried it and it works OK. You may want to make your Tracer object and Deformer editable and the animate a Sweep Nurbs growth to get the speed to your needs. HTH.
  13. I'm guessing you're in AE so: http://aescripts.com/splitimage/
  14. "Aixsponza have shitty clients too;" loved that little story. "Oh, and it seems C4DLive chat members don't get out very much..." So true and so so very sad.
  15. ...and there you have it! Have never run into that before when getting projects from others. All good now. Thanks Scott.
  16. Very strange one happening today. For some reason I can't see my motion path for any elements in one specific project. They do show up in projects made a few days ago, and do show up in new test projects. For whatever reason, they just don't show up in this one project. I've deleted prefs, restarted, made sure "All Keyframes" is on in Display preferences... the standard stuff, but still no motion paths on anything. I've also tried importing the project into a new test project (with elements that _do_ have visible motion paths), but the imported project's elements paths are still not showing up. Gah!! Anyone run into this before. Mac 8-core, 10.7.4. AE Scott_Sp.
  17. ...and there you have it. Thanks much, Mylenium.
  18. So I'm trying to get the X,Y,Z position of a Childed Null to a Particular emitter and having more than a little trouble getting the Position Z value to work properly. Using the expression from Dan I found in this thread on the Cow: http://forums.creativecow.net/readpost/227/8732 Here's the expression and Dan's comment: ----------------------------------------------------------- L = thisComp.layer("Solid 1"); P = L.toWorld(L.anchorPoint); then P[0] gives you x and P[2} gives you z ----------------------------------------------------------- Well, the expression works great for getting the XY to Particular. However, I'm not sure how to modify it to find the Z. I've tried: L = thisComp.layer("Solid 1"); P[2] = L.toWorld(L.anchorPoint); ...and of course that's not working. I can't help but feel I'm fairly close to cracking this, but after dicking with it for a couple hours it just ain't happening. More than a little surprised this question hasn't come up more on the the inter webs... but everything I've found leads me back to the above mentioned five-year-old thread. For now to move forward I'm just keying the Z position, but that's pretty retarded when I know there's a much more flexible and elegant solution. What the hell am I missing? Scott Sp.
  19. C is for Cookie. That's good enough for me.
  20. scott_sp


    Has anybody around here been able to learn it without a 3 button mouse? -m I'm no master with RF, but have had no problems using it with my Wacom... tip click = left click front button = middle click back button = right click Still end up going to the menu bar quite a bit more than I feel I should though... but that's still just lack of using it day in day out and getting the shortcuts burned into my noggin. For me though the tablet works fine with RF. scott_sp
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    please lock it again.
  22. Generate> Audio Waveform or Audio Spectrum maybe? SoundKeys has decent video reference for as start too.
  23. Shit... was really praying it was just user error. I've ended up just looping my 4 clips to make an obscenely long precomp and then using Split Clip-Play Once. Weak. Bug report time I spose. Really diggin the new shading and random rotation features though.
  24. Gang, Am using Particular 2.0 and getting some odd results I've never seen before with Particular. I'm using 4 x 5-second clips in a 20 second precomp. Each source clip is a perfect loop and the clips in the precomp are butted up against each other with no overlap. This precomp is used in the Main Comp as layer texture for particles set to sprite. I've got Number of Clips set to 4 with Time Sampling set to Split Clip-Loop. The source clips, Precomp, and Main comp are all 30 fps. For some reason I'm getting a little blip when the particles loop... it's as if a random frame is popping in for one frame, then the loop continues as it should. I've done this several times with earlier versions and never had this strangeness. Has anyone else run into this with Split Clip loops in 2.0, and more importantly, were you able to figure out a fix? Fingers crossed, Scott
  25. ding ding ding ding! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W4QcLGB5So cant believe it took us all this long to find.
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