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  1. Thanks! That looks like it should work. I may give it a try and report back if this thing works. Cheers, Nick
  2. Howdy, Has anyone seen a way to control a Mac Pro from another room? I need to have a place to do tutorials in a quiet room, away from the main office. However, I still want to use my main Mac Pro setup that will remain in the main office space. Hopefully the solution is to run some sort of Ethernet or Fiber to that room and plug in a second set of monitor (including built in camera), keyboard, wacom tablet, and microphone in another room so I can do tutorials and be loud in there. Ideally, it will be identical to my main setup. I know this has to exist, but I'm having a hard time finding a working solution. Thanks for any insight. Cheers, Nick
  3. Yep. Chris Schmidt and I will be at the booth this year. I usually have a different schedule every day. Stop by and say hi if you are around.
  4. Be sure to try adding a bit of green to the light. Any shadows around there will be really green from the leaves around it.
  5. Hi, I just wanted to chime in with some thoughts about what has been said about Transform. All this feedback is always helpful. First, we make tools to try to save time and allow you to concentrate on doing more difficult stuff. If you can make your own soft boxes, textures, cities, explode effects and HDRI maps and have time to, go for it. But, I'm hoping that our tools save you that time so you can do the more specialized and fun stuff. About our plugin not being a "plugin". True, our Chunk mode relies on the Explosion Effects object to do the breaking. We even have a tutorial to show you exactly how to do it yourself. If all you need is chunking, you probably want NitroBlast anyway. However, we think Transform is WAY more than just chunks. Chunk mode is one of many modes to help you animate your scene. Transform helps animate anything with no keyframes. The plugin not only adds preset functionality, but also automatically finds the size of your object and runs the effects in any direction accordingly. There is also a shader mode that allows you to animate your objects in any order using a gradient. Did I mention Custom mode where you can build your own animation style? There really is a lot of work that went into this plugin and if it's not clear to you, then it's probably my fault and I did a poor job of showing it's value. Transform did start it's life as a simple shatter tool, but as we worked, it has quickly outgrew that. I think it's a tool for all animators. Plus, It's a blast to play with even in custom mode. Please keep the feedback coming and we will keep making Transform better. Transform is a 1.0 product and I really appreciate all the people that got it early on it's its life. We have huge plans for this thing and I hope it will exceed peoples expectations. Cheers, Nick
  6. Wow douwe, The shader effector is a WAY better way to do that. You got me playing with it for my Tiny Animation Project. Fun! http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/tiny-animations/
  7. Using the MultiShader should work to randomize the brightness. Set different brightnesses in the shader and then use the random effector set to "Noise" to have it animate. Here is a basic example. There might be a better, more smooth way i'm not aware of though. http://gsg.s3.amazonaws.com/RandomBrightness.c4d.zip Cheers, Nick
  8. Cool idea! A few things come to mind while playing with your file. 1. Try turning on "Render Instances" on all your cloners. 2. Maybe you could work with a lower level of detail and then turn it up at the end? 3. You may be able to use another, more simpler, object as a proxy for your collision shape. maybe a pick shape with no rounding on the edges. Not sure if any of those are the cure, but hopefully they are helpful. Cheers, Nick
  9. You could try using an alpha matte of the same precomp. to try to color correct only that specific part of the animation. That could be a work around.
  10. It's up to you as the designer to know how long this will take and explain it to the client. Most clients have no idea. Maybe two weeks is fine for this job, maybe it's ridiculous. But, only you know the factors involved. Things like your skill level, the scope of the animation, the clients ability to give prompt feedback and things mentioned by others above all come in to consideration. It's not an easy thing to do, but in the end, it's only up to you to decide what you can deliver and how long it takes. Under Promise. Over Deliver.
  11. I LOVED the 60 hour work weeks (and weekends) when I was young and hungry. I was learning a lot and oblivious to the idea of "workers rights". I was staying late, eating their food, drinking their beer, playing video games, and doing kick ass work that I loved. I never thought of overtime or staying late as a bad thing. It was just another opportunity to learn by experience and be pushed to my limits. I was like an apprentice in Edison's Laboratory. I don't think that a union, blog article, or forum post could have convinced me back then that hard work was bad for me or the industry. I wanted to be there. I was having fun, learning my craft from heros and there wasn't much else I would rather be doing. Money and free time was very very secondary. Not sure I have an answer to the problem, really. Just wanted to share my experience. But, like many jobs that a lot of people want and like, pay trends down and hours trend up. Sure, you can demand something different for yourself, but you better be much MUCH better then the next young kid ready to live all day at the studio.
  12. Just backed it. Can't wait to see this moving, Nando! Cheers, Nick
  13. I got playing this this idea over the weekend and came up with an interesting technique using some wind deformers. I'll be posting it to the blog this week, but in the mean time, you can download the Flame V1 scene file here and see an example of it on vimeo here.
  14. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Definitely drop me a line though the support tab on my site. I'm notsure what would make your textures all black, but I will help figure it out in support. I will post the result here too if when we figure it out. Thanks to everyone who jumped in and tried to help. http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/support/ Cheers, Nick
  15. I think that effect is more smoke and mirrors rather than the C actually turning into a ball. I would just scale the ball up quickly and scramsies that C when the time is right. If you frame by frame it, that's probably what they are doing, too.
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