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  1. This thread pushed me to finally go try and figure this one out. I think I got pretty close with a combo of a Shader Effector with noise and a plain effector for the last part with the logo. I used a split up cube rendered with different Object buffers for each side to do the masking in After Effects. I will be recording a full tutorial for this one that should be out on monday. Here is the video: http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/2010/04/discovery-channel-rebrand-tutorial-sneak-peak/ Thanks for the push to finally get this one worked out! Cheers, Nick
  2. We added Search and a Top 20 Page to ReelRoulette. The next step is to get the word out to producers and talent agents to try and connect artists with jobs. That is the end goal for this site anyway. I think the search function will be useful. Any other tips? Where do producers hang out? http://reelroulette.net/search http://reelroulette.net/top Thanks for checking it out. Cheers, nick
  3. Hi, Everybody. If you have been experiencing any "Missing Texture" issues with the kit, I wanted to link to a post I made about it on my blog. http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/2010/03/hdri-light-kit-version-1-2-update-and-using-textures-in-cinema-4d/ Also, Check your email for updates for the kit. Thanks again for getting the GSG HDRI LightKitPro. It should be much more stable after you update with these files. Cheers, Nick
  4. we will have some pages soon that will feature top vote getters.
  5. We are working on ways for the best work to rise to the top. Voting will have a big part in this. We will make sure that great reels are featured, but still have a way for lesser known people to be discovered. Stay tuned for more features. Thanks for the feedback! Nick
  6. Thanks for the feedback. We can't help the second one. But, we have ways to make sure people aren't double voting for the same reel. Cheers,
  7. Totally totally agree except for the Software part. The specific software and skill keywords will come in handy when we turn search on. Great tips!
  8. Thanks for the link and the feedback. We are planning on search and some filtering options soon. We should be launching features as we go. We hope that it will be a place where people get hired and show off their work. Thanks again, Nick
  9. I will also be there thanks to MAXON. I smell a pinball battle between monkey, gorilla, and the MACHINE!!!!! Who else?
  10. Thanks for the feedback so far, everyone! CS Tools was a big reason I started to build this, actually. I found how much time I was saving by using some of the camera rigs and lights in CS Tools and decided to make a full studio kit that would emulate a photo studio. The best advice that was given to me about lighting in 3D was "your a photographer, you should already know how to set up lights." So, making a rig full of lights that were familiar to me was the way to go. As for more training about HOW to light your scenes, that is coming. I wanted to get the core KIT up and running and then add more downloads and value to existing users down the road. I am working on extra light training and tuts that will be included in future versions and given to everyone who has already downloaded the kit. Anyway, if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about the kit, I would love to hear them. I really want to continue to make this something that will help people make awesome looking renders. Cheers, Nick
  11. I seem to remember a download from Monkey where he did this exact animation. He used mograph and deformers to have paper make cubes.Does anyone remember where that download is?
  12. I think I got to the bottom of your problem, Kitkats. I was playing with it all morning and I came across a technique that seems to solve the repel issue. It has to do with adding a small bit of spacing between the chunks when splitting them apart. I made a tutorial for it at my blog if you want to take a look. http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/2009/12/shatter-and-destruction/ Hope that helps!
  13. Hmmmm... It should work. You are putting in the right place. a restart should do it. Try re-downloading. Maybe there is a new version? Sorry I can't help more.
  14. Yep, That was it. It looks like the high rotational mass keeps the objects pushing along practically forever. Now, I just need to figure out how to attach Car bodies to the spinning wheels Thanks for the help!
  15. That worked. What did you do. I see the friction is way up, but that's not all. What is the secret? Thanks!!! Nick
  16. Thanks for everyone's help. The Time Effector is getting me the closest. It spins the clones at the start, but they don't continue to spin through the course of the animation. Is there a way to force the cylinders to continue spinning? Here is the scene file to give you an idea. http://gsg.s3.amazonaws.com/SpinningCloneswithMoDyn.c4d.zip Ideally, the clones would continue to spin up the hill like they were driving up the hill. Wind starts to get close, but not quite. Thanks again! Nick
  17. Howdy all. Here is the idea I need some help with. Not sure If it's even possible with the limitations of c4d MoDynamics, but I think it would be fun so... I want to make a car with spinning wheels and use the friction between the wheels and the floor using Mograph 2 to make the car go. I'm having two issues. One, is that the car and it's wheels get broken apart as soon as I put it in the cloner object with MoDynamics turned on. The second issue is that the animated rotation of the wheels go away when using moDyn. A partial work around is to set the "initial velocity" of the clones rotation. But that only set's the wheel in rotation at the beginning and lacks the "drive forward" motion that I want. I also played around with using an attractor to fake it, but the car doesn't go in a forward direction always. Even getting objects to spin within the cloner object would be a help. Thanks in advance for any insight. Cheers!!!
  18. Don't worry. Most of the content was moved to http://www.helloluxx.com/
  19. Bloody brilliant. And, really effed up.
  20. I really like this animation by Jr Canest in terms of being simple, and fun. http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/2009/06/ae-simple-shapes-1000-keyframes-crazy-enough/
  21. I have had great luck with the HV series from canon. They are inexpensive and shoot 1080. (get last years model for a bargain!!!) A nikon or canon DLSR setup will definitely get you a better picture but it's at the cost of being tedious to use and way more expensive.
  22. They are not similar programs at all. Hope you will be able to convince your boss of that. Motion is for "Get er Done" graphics. Bumpers, lower thirds, and things done with a quickness. After Effects is a more precise, yet time consuming tool that allows you to do more, and with more control. If deadlines are a HUGE issue for your work (I'm talking 1 hour turnaround), you may want to dig into Motion a bit more, but if not, I'd stick with AE.
  23. Hi Mars. I thought the particle guy from EA was using max. How does 3 years a go seem all fuzzy in my head now? Either way, good to say hi Mars!!!
  24. Working at DK during that project, I can say that the actual solution was 3D tracked and then a 3DMax particle system of some kind was used. That said, you can get pretty close with particular for sure.
  25. Yeah I agree. I saw a couple layoffs and one company go under, but that's more about the general direction of the production industry and less about the recession. Chicago seems to be holding up pretty well overall.
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