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  1. Uncheck the "Tile" check box in the texture tag of your image. That should keep it so the texture is only on one side of the cube.
  2. That was the closest attempt I have seen using Mograph 2. I think Metaball liquid is about as close as you are going to get without using a "proper" fluid sim.
  3. It ended up that the Point Cache tag worked the best. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hi guys. I have been playing around with Mograph 2 a ton lately and I need a way to bake the cloners into keyframes for one of my projects. Any idea on how I would go about doing this? The Cache tag works really well, but I eventually need keyframe data for my idea. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! nick
  5. I use Screenflow for all the tutorials over at GreyscaleGorilla. It's awesome. it captures your screen, a camera and audio. It also allows for simple editing an animation after your finished recording. Highly recommended!! http://www.telestream.net/screen-flow/overview.htm
  6. That video took about 1 hour to calculate and 30 minutes to render on a Mac 8 core 2.8.
  7. The new package is AWESOME. The new picture viewer is great. It even plays renders right within it. What really got me pumped is the new Physics Mograph effector. It is so simple to set up and can handle a TON of particles. It renders collisions perfectly every time and is FAST. Here are some renders I made from the new module to try and break it. http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/2009/09/01/mograph-20-physics-test-renders-with-cinema-4d-115/
  8. No problems here. It's been great. I have played heavy 3D games and took a ton of photos and video with no heating problems. It's fast as hell too. Hope that helps
  9. For those of you wondering how, I made a quick video on how to install the CS Tools on Cinema 4D Version 11. Enjoy... http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/2009/06/1...-4d-version-11/
  10. Are you guys talking about these Microsoft spots? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CT52dOvkf-E...feature=related
  11. I cropped all of my 4/3 work to fit 16/9. It worked in almost every case. I have also seen that tile thing work really well. It's used to great effect in this reel. http://roman.koenigshofer.net/work/showreel2008/
  12. Nick Campbell


    Keep in mind that people looking at reels can spot shots made directly from following VideoCopilot a mile away. Make sure to always make the shots your own or even better, use the theory and technique from the tutorial to make your own piece. FXPHD seems to go more into WHY to do something more than just have a step by step. Worth the money.
  13. True, That would work in this case, but this is more an example then a final idea. I would like to use animations as I would PRECOMPS in AE. In other words, I would like to use the cloner to keep offsetting animations, upon animations. I use this technique a lot in AE and would like to have the same freedom in Cinema. Any workaround? Would a "Baked" version of the animation work? Thanks Nick
  14. Howdy, I have been playing with Mograph to try to get a specific effect and something is stumping me. I made a cloner object with an animated square. The Step effector makes a nice little snake animation offsetting up the clones . I want to put the snake animation in another cloner object and add yet another step effector to offset my snakes down the row. The problem is, the new step effector does NOT work with the first cloner object as a child. I attached my project to help explain. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for any help in advance. http://s3.amazonaws.com/gsg/StepEffectorQuestion.c4d.zip
  15. New CSTool Tutorial is up: Area Lights and Ambient Lights - Complete with a downloadable scene file. Enjoy!
  16. Tim's classes at FXPHD were the most helpful to me. Very Very worth it! http://www.fxphd.com/ Tim's blog is great too http://www.hypa.tv/hypablog/ C4D Cafe it hit or miss for me, but if you dig deep enough, there is some good information and answers to specific problems. http://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/index.php? CS Tools are Crucial http://sugarfilmproduction.com/CSTools.zip I have also just started posting C4D Tuts about every week. Here are the first three. Intro To Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Basic Tools, Deformers, Nurbs and Splines Build A DNA strand in Cinema Feel free to drop me a comment and ask questions. I'm looking for ideas to do more tutorials. Have fun! Nick
  17. I Totally agree. I was a recording engineer and a musician before I got into motion design. Music theory and song writing theory really helped me wrap my head around "telling a story" with my animations early on. ( Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, End ) Animating to audio really helped try different animation techniques. Also, because I was already familiar with Pro Tools, I already had my head wrapped around a timeline. That really helped with learning After Effects. Final observation... Almost all of the people I work with are musicians. Therefore..... Do musicians make better motion designers? Yes
  18. My buddy has a site called Graphics Mafia that specializes in sports graphics. He has a list of companies that do that type of work as well. http://www.graphicsmafia.com/
  19. Hi Exerminator, I JUST posted an Intro to Cinema4D video that includes the basics of the MOGRAPH module. http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/2009/03/1...ma-4d-tutorial/ More Cinema Tuts coming soon too. Nick
  20. We recently did a glorified slide show. What helped was to make a custom LUMA wipe to go from slide to slide. Once we got that look down, it make it WAY more custom and elegant.
  21. Yea, It was really fun. It was hectic. Our last volley was the most fun to make. http://layertennis.com/090306/10.php After sitting and sweating in front of a computer for five hours, It was fun to get the camera out and shoot that final "pull out." It was a cool experience for sure. Thanks for watching!
  22. I'm super pumped to be playing Live Layer Tennis today vs Werk. Should be a TON of animation going back and forth. At least, that what we are planning. Check it out: http://layertennis.com/090306/
  23. Hey Dan. Ill be at Cut and Paste Chicago. Looks like I may be a Judge :blink: Hope to see everyone there.
  24. High and low end will exist in every field. I have seen two friends of mine that have benefited from CrowdSpring. One is a student that is trying out new design techniques and developing his craft by using the CrowdSpring Projects as a real client. His stuff may not be picked, but he is trying to fulfill the assignment. And by trying, he is learning. The other friend is a SUPER talented designer that hand picks projects on CrowdSpring that he thinks he can win. He spends 15 minutes every day making a DOPE logo for the client and he wins one or two a month for some extra cash. Not sure how that fits in the the big picture, but I can see a way that services like this can be beneficial to both sides. It's like a weekly thought/design assignment with the possibility of getting paid.
  25. Nice Work! I agree with SaintEfan that the graphics need a little more purpose and should be a little more subtle. There also seems to be a difference in style between the vector and the 3D treatments. What really stands out as out of place though is the text on a path "Wine Bar" section. The rack focus IS really cool, but the type on a path and the font choice clashes with the mood of the piece.
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