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    Animation, drawing, dancing, sport, musique.

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    Illustrator, Animation designer and director based in Paris, I do only 2D, but one day I might get my hands on 3D, I have nothing against it on the contrary, but one has to focuse on something to be goos at it one day!
  1. Hello, I have just finished a short film for the region of Tolima in Colombia on a species of Tapir that lives in the region. You can view the trailer on vimeo here : http://www.vimeo.com/27434303 I hope you'll enjoy it, I can't post the full film as of yet, it's already been selected in two festivals. Caroline
  2. Hello Nerra, thanks for all the advices, I'll think of music choice when I'll re-edit it. Caroline
  3. Hello, I have put together a few weeks ago a new reel ono my website, I did it quite short, all comments are welcome of course! My showreel Caroline
  4. Is available for freelance work

  5. Just an update to let you know the spot is up for an Annie Award and features in the new Stash!
  6. Merci beaucoup Jérôme! Quoi de neuf depuis les JO?
  7. Thanks a lot Govinda. Complete2 > endgunviolence is the name of the assotiation the spot was made for, but it's more about preventing home gun accident than gun violence per say I guess.
  8. Sorry for the bad link, I have just edited it. Yes it's traditional animation, I worked with a brush for the cleanup, but I mostly worked directly clean which saved quite dome time.
  9. Here is a TV spot I finished a month ago. I really enjoyed working on that project as I had a lot of freedom! and the script was really strong from the start. End Gun Violence
  10. Well Thanks! Hunz> I had to fight quite a bit to keep it very graphic and not go into to much 3D moves which would have been the opposite of the more graphic direction I wanted to give the spot.
  11. Caroline Attia

    TV Spot

    Hello, here is a TV Spot that I have directed ( both live action and animation ) and that has just started being broadcasted monday. Zespri
  12. Caroline Attia


    Here is an ident I did for a competition for MTV Asia, apparently, it's going to be broadcasted! http://www.carolineattia.com/mtvpt.mov I'd love to do more of those, it was really fun!
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