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  1. Wahooooo ! Thamk you very much for all these infos & tips about New York. I've already done some of those. Like the Apple store, the highline, B&H. I'll probably try one or two of the restaurants you proposed Thanks
  2. F5: Too expensive Cut & paste : done Any ideas for a cool shopping adress ? Or a little art gallery with street art ?
  3. Hi there, I'm in New York city for a week and I'm looking for the good places (shops, expo, meetings...) that I cannot miss. You could probably imagine who I am cause I'm a bit like you: Motion graphics addict, street art lover, DSLR filmaker, Apple consumer, photographer ... Any tip is welcome Thanks Gwen
  4. Thanks guys, That's him ! there's a vimeo page with his reel too:
  5. Do you remember the name of a man or a company that is only doing very specialized motion graphics: design interface in big hollywood movies ??? An idea ?? Thanks
  6. gwen

    GWEN REEL 08

    Hello, Thanks for your comments and your appreciations. The green screen sequences were shot with a Sony Z1. It's not the best camera for this job cause it gives you interlaced footage wich is not appropriate. The first 3 shots are from the hvx200 with a M2 redrockmicro adapter. It really improves the shots as you can see. There's also the brevis35. I didn't use it, so I don't know its qualities. Ciao
  7. gwen

    GWEN REEL 08

    Thanks for your comments. What do you mean by more "organic text reveals" ? some kind of masks with feather ? PS: I'm not a girl....
  8. gwen

    GWEN REEL 08

    Here's my new reel : http://gwen.francois.free.fr/gwen%20reel%2008-small.mov Appreciations & comments are welcome Ciao
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