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  1. sbtread Getting mixed results, seems to be a lot of "attract customers" type of marketing videos.
  2. Hey guys. Trying to find examples of animations on large scale monitors in public spaces. Think of when you go to a museum, and they have subtle animations going on when they're not being interacted with. Sort of like a fancy screensaver (dare I use the word!). THANK YOU all in advance! Having a rough time finding inspiration,
  3. emilypants

    2011 Reel

    I totally thought you were talking about something in the reel. Ha!
  4. emilypants

    2011 Reel

    Hey @thekinginyellow I'm not sure what you mean...could you elaborate?
  5. emilypants

    2011 Reel

    Thanks Blinky! Really need feedback, much appreciated. I can see what you mean. I worry about making it look like cut off but it does seem to settle too much between frames. I could see cuts more blending in from one action to another.
  6. I'd say cut it down a bit, but lovely otherwise.
  7. emilypants

    2011 Reel

    Hello Mographers, About a month ago the department I was in dissolved & have since started to go freelance. I'm very very new to this freelancing business & so I made a new reel to promote myself. I'd LOVE it if you could give me some constructive criticism. I have thick skin, so please be honest. And of course, if you have any freelancing tips that would be great too Thank you in advance! http://emilyskaer.com/#2443911/Reel-2011
  8. emilypants

    1st Reel

    Cut the reel WAAAAAYYYY down, and yeah I would definitely ditch the music. Just keep exploring different ways of motion & expanding your style. You seem to know a lot of technical skills, but really need to branch out and try new things...keep at it!
  9. emilypants

    Grad work

    On the whole: good work, nice site! Specifically, though, the site seems to be a bit cramped. Perhaps having different branches for each type of work would help that problem, and more spacing (especially from the header of the site). Love the idea of the instruction manual!!! Very very clever. My favorite piece was the "Mad award bumper", nice. However, some of the other work seemed a bit jerk-y. Try playing around with your keyframes (believe me, this has been a problem that has plagued my own work, so i know how frustrating keyframes can be!!)
  10. Good sense you've experimented a lot. I don't know why, but i hate that bunny. I watched the original & I don't really get it, probably because the bunny isn't cut up in photoshop, just cropped. The background is pretty cool though! Not sure why that bunny bugs me so much. Are these assignments or some commissioned work? Nice diverse palette you got there, shows you know 2&3D as well as how to experiment with color.
  11. I'd definitely say it's going to be a stretch to put a good reel together with such short work...the opening is so nice it almost outshines your other stuff. I'd say if you don't have time to invest in a whole bunch of other projects since you're trying to get a job/meet a personal deadline, try doing some experiments & putting them in. If you do have time, I'd make more work and focus on combining it into what you already have. Your work is well done, just need more to create a filling reel. Good luck, can't wait to see more!
  12. Wow, thank you everyone for posting!! Sorry to ask redundant questions, but I really wanted to make sure I was getting specifically 3D answers & which one is best for specific work. So thanks for responding regardless!! Plus, hey, software changes all the time and unless you're immersed in that culture & know the latest news (not me) it's hard to keep up on new developments. Plus plus since software is soooooo expensive (especially for a new grad with over $40,000 in debt!) and sooo time-intensive I am really glad you guys gave me such fantastic advice. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
  13. Ok, so as a recent grad of undergrad I'm finding that most motion graphics postings require knowledge of 3D. While I did do Maya for a bit (still have the program, version 7.0), I remember it being pretty difficult. What I need from you experts out there is an opinion: if I'm going to head back into the world of 3D, which program should I invest my time into? I know different ones are good for different things, if anyone could give me advice I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much mograph!
  14. emilypants

    2009 Reel

    Lots of strong work, but needs to be cut down a loooooot. By dragging work out you don't give it the credit it deserves.
  15. Very well done!! Professional, good lighting and makeup, all details have been considered. Only thing was the text "not a one night stand..." thing was a bit cheesy, but I really can't think of an alternative. Perhaps if she was still moving during this? That's the only thing setting it apart from the rest of the film. Hmmm.... Other than that detail, the music works, the way you incorporated all the time & effort by documenting all the people running around like chickens with their head cut off works wonderfully.
  16. emilypants


    Awesome work, made me squeamish. I liked how you put them in real-life settings, the only one that stuck out was the water scene. It looked too fabricated (?), other than that playing with scale and where they are found is effective.
  17. I've heard of Ringside. Interned for a short time with a gal who worked there before. Yeah, there are very far & few between places for post work in Detroit, and work is limited to cars, and as we all know the big 3 are not doing so well. I'm over in A2, about to graduate from School of Art & Design (UM) on Saturday and looking at post houses for work. All I can find is non-paid internships. And I have to say, while my work isn't spectacular it isn't shit and unless you've been in the biz forever and will settle for low pay it seems like you can't make it in Detroit without having three jobs. That's awesome that you've worked there for so long though. Your portfolio is awesome! I've lived in Michigan my entire life, so I know how Detroit is and how when things seem to be doing better they take a nose-dive. I'd love to move west (visited Portland & Seattle last summer and fell in absolute love) but my boyfriend just got into law school here and, while I've considered moving solo, being so many states apart would be too much. So yeah, I say run. Run like the fucking wind and don't look back! If you have the means to go to L.A., New York or another big city with more diverse clients in the area then I'd do it. It's amazing, in the northwest they've got Nike, Adidas, Getty Images, Starbucks, REI, and a ton of others. If one sinks there are others to turn to. All Detroit has is cars. And once they sink, bye bye! Don't get me wrong, I really like the people in the mitten, but there are just so few opportunities here and as a young person I feel very restricted. The art scene in Detroit isn't acknowledged like it is in other places. You kind of have to search for the design and art culture here, which can be like a little treasure when you find it but also discouraging the othr 90% when you're in the dark. But hope is coming with the film initiative, I've heard of a couple places for film post opening but they're not opening for awhile. I know Detroit, so i feel your pain! But at least you're at a very respectable company and are salaried. That's definitely something to be proud of. Sorry for the rant. All of us young designers in Michigan are feeling the pain. ~Em
  18. Ok, I see what you mean about the lingering. Thanks for the clarification, I'll try that out!
  19. Thanks for looking into this and helping me out. I (think) i fixed the problem. Really appreciate your help! And for looking up the page that talks about the problems with the compression. You're so helpful, thank you so much! You guys are all so wonderful, this is all stuff I wouldn't of picked up on without your help. You guys rock!!!
  20. Oh god, where are you from? It can't be worse than Detroit....unless it is Detroit. I'm guessing it is based on you "Oakland Vert" piece. Overall wonderful. Only question is, do you have a resume or am i missing it? Vital to keep that thing up. Keep up the good work!
  21. Hey there. As a soon-to-be graduate myself, I can totally understand your frustration. I also went to a school much more "art-sy" concentrated. Nobody did commercial work. But I also realized (fortunately) early on that those people aren't going to get much work. What I can say you have going for you is you have a great handling of colors. I'm a big fan of bold, pop-y colors (although my work doesn't always reflect this!), you should totally check out some Brazillian post houses if that's your thing. They're very talented, those damn Brazillians, and I could see how looking at their work can give you a better sense of how to make yourself more commercial-oriented than "art for arts-sake" based. Don't take the criticism too harshly. Perhaps some people could've been a bit more tactful, but hey it's the internet. This is the best place for brutal honesty. And if more than one person is telling you something doesn't quite work, then really critique it yourself. You just have to have thick skin. Mograph is absolutely wonderful for that type of thing. And while I can't say what your program was like, mine was very frilly & nice and harsh, truthful criticism that bettered your work was hard to come by like you can get at a forum like this one. Embrace it, it'll help you in the long run. Perhaps experimenting more would work. Check out the design challenges greyscalegorilla.com offers every week, that should be a good jump start to getting your design challenges met more. Hang in there, it's a tough world and getting a job nowadays seems near impossible so take those critiques and work with them, don't let them discourage you!
  22. emilypants

    Hopper Video

    I like the train transition, the light beams are lovely as well. I'd agree with most that it seems a bit dark but I know on such a small scale sometimes those kind of things can have a huge difference when they're shown on a television or theater. Great work!
  23. Thanks for the feedback. I'm a bit confused, would you say the shots need more contrast in their movements? I appreciate you giving my work a look! Thanks again! My more recent work is seen under "motion graphics"...they're the first three thumbnails. I think i've gotten a bit better with the graph editor. Still, it's a week spot for me. (**also, if anyone does look at these I've checked them on most browsers and they worked fine, but recently I went into a job interview and they didn't work on the interview-er's computer! The sound didn't work. I'm not sure how to fix it, I use dreamhost and haven't heard any problems with them, but if anyone else looks at these & miss sound I'd appreciate the notification!!**) Again, thanks for the comments! Keep 'em coming!
  24. Hmmm...not sure why the site is down. Do you think those who couldn't pull it up could try again? It's worked for me but if it isn't working on others' computers that's troublesome. Thanks for the input on the easyease frames...I've been using them but perhaps I need to make my changes more drastic under the graph editor. I really appreciate you guys looking over it, if anyone has more input the more the better. I really need people to tell me what needs improvement. I live in Michigan, so the few jobs we do have have 10x the normal amount applying for them. you guys are awesome keep up the tips!
  25. Hey there mograph! I'm about to graduate next month. I'd really appreciate if you can give me feedback, I posted a reel awhile ago but have since put in my senior work and thanks to those who replied last time I edited a lot of filler out. Thanks so much for your help! As getting a job seems impossible about now, please be nit-picky. I really want to just improve my work and skill set. http://www.emilyskaer.com/Site/Reel/Reel.html
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