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  1. I just posted a version with an animated tag at the end, instead of the single image. I just noticed the sound cutting off before the last second, so I'll change that, but let me know what you think of the ID tag. Thanks and Ratbaggy, thanks for the link! Alphabet Alex
  2. Thanks, thanks, thank you for all the feedback, really. I'll definitely cut the last logo, good suggestions. jablinko, there is no onion skins, just drawn frames. 45 seconds long with 15 frames per second, about 600 individual drawings. But with a Wacom Cintiq, it really goes by quickly. Painter is super easy to use. Create a new file, choose movie with however many frames. Choose canvas, tracing paper, and start drawing. You can use any brush. After you are done with your first frame, click the ">"(next button) under the animation controls. You will see up to 5 frames under your current frame. I choose 2. You can play the progress with no load time and export to a bunch of different movie files types. The painter animation file is a .FRM (framestack) They can get pretty big quickly so watch out. Doing multiple smaller files, and using AE to put them together, ends up working better. I'm working on an animated ID instead of the logo, I'll post it in a day or 2 when I finish. Thanks again! Alex
  3. Hello everybody, I just finished my first complete animation of the alphabet using Corel Painter X (compiling it on AE). I'm an illustrator at heart, and my freelance work pretty much consist of illustrated elements for broadcast design, but I really enjoying learning to animate with drawing. I guess my goal this year is to start working with more animated text, and hand drawn animation. In this alphabet, I started thinking the font would change with each letter but soon realized, sticking with a san serif font worked easier for this project, so the first couple letters do not quite match the ladder. Some of the timing of the letters varies as well, leaving an odd flow at some points, but I think I'm starting to understand. All of those years watching "sesame street" still influences me. Please let me know what you think! Also, on my laptop using firefox, I see the quicktime control bar, and download progress as it starts to play, however on my desktop using the same version of firefox, I see no qt control bar, and can not see how fast its working. The settings were adjust for hinted streaming in after effects, and for the control bar to be viewable in GoLive. Any suggestions? Alphabet Here Alex save-life.net
  4. Thanks. It's just black paper and a white jelly roller pen. I have couple more large scale ones like it I'm about to finish as well. They will be on the blog. For the reel, I changed a couple things including the skeletons. I made them on anime studio pro, I am just learning that as well. It's kinda why the movement was rigid. I tried a little different technique this time. I'm having problems rendering it in a larger format with the file size being very large. For now, I just made this version "high" quality instead of "medium". I'll be looking around for some tutorials to reduce the size as much as possible. It still streams at a pretty good rate right now though. Thanks. SAVE-LIFE Alex
  5. Guys, I thank you for your feedback. I will take your suggestions and see what I can do. SaintEfan, some more of my drawings are at my DRAWING BLOG , and some of the network projects I help on are with Alien Kung Fu. If you ever picked up the Pictoplasma Character Encyclopedia I have some charaters in there as well. jann, thanks for the heads up about the spelling! I'll be working on this. Thanks. Alex
  6. Hello, I just want to say I greatly appreciate this board, and I am very glad I came across it. I'm hooked now. I am an illustrator who worked on some projects with some motion companies doing drawings that they animated. I fell in love with the idea and have started getting into After Effects myself, as well as learning some tradition animation techniques. The idea behind this piece is to introduce myself, and incorporate still illustrations, as well as some cell and stop motion drawings. After finishing this last week, I came across lynda.com and became a member so hopefully by the next time I post something it will be a little more technical. For now though, I would love to be critiqued. You can be hard on me, I was an art major. Perhaps pointing out flaws with a possible solutions may help me hone my skills. btw, still do basic elements for companies and always willing to work. Thanks. SAVE-LIFE.NET Alex Soto
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